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Newsletter 266 - December 17, 2012 - Guest Editorial by Dyno Don Batyi; Guest Editorial by Jon Wennerberg; Guest Editorial by Jeff Foulk; Clarence E. "Butch" Gardner, published in The Sacramento Bee, December 8, 2012; Staff notes: Dorothy Haleck passed away at the age of 88, on December 14, 2012; Staff notes: The following email was referred to us by Jerry Cornelison of the Road Runners car club and Scott Andrews, SCTA secretary; My name is Rebekka Ellis, I am trying to find information about a Drag Racer in California from the 1950's to 60's by the name of Jack Stecker; Nostalgia Fest, Saturday, January 5, 2013, 1 to 6 PM; Staff notes; The following two letters were received concerning LSR questions that our readers may wish to respond to; Staff notes: The following comes from Burly Burlile; 2013 International 36hp Challenge; 36hp and SSSBB ENGINE/CAR Guidelines (36hp also called 30hp outside of U.S.)

Newsletter 265 - December 6, 2012 - Guest Columnist by Dyno Don Batyi; Staff Editorials; A friend of Hotrodhotline, Dick Dixon, died in his sleep, he was a friend to many in this business, and contributed so much to our industry... he will be so missed; From Doug Stokes: My dear friend Dick Dixon left us in his sleep last night, he was a friend to many in this business, this is what I've come up with about him so far; Robert A. Juliano, 61, of Ellington, beloved husband of Marcia L. (Elliott) Juliano, died peacefully Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at Manchester Memorial Hospital; I just received word that John Bradley passed awaySo sorry to hear that, I liked John Bradley a lot, he was a real pioneer; I just hate making this announcement, however John Bradley passed away yesterday about 2 pm; John Bradley, my Dad, was born October 29, 1925 in San Bernardino, California and passed away at the age of 87, at his home in Dolan Springs, Arizona; Butch Gardner was a real force in the hot rod world over the years in the Sacramento area and with ACCC; Butch Gardner hosted a talk radio show devoted to hot rods, cars and related stuff, on Sunday mornings 7:30-9:00am, in the Auburn, California area; I have just received word that Butch Gardner died about an hour ago from a massive heart attack; Jim W. Price writes in his Saltine Newsletter; “Good news on Art Goldstrum; I just found out that Jack and Mary Ann Lawford have sold www.hotrodhotline.com; Vic Enyart sent in this link to a video on the internet for the Michael Dingman car and neon sign collection. This collection is being auctioned off; The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum held a special Lions Drag Strip Reunion, 2 pm-5pm on December 1, 2012 at the museum, located on the grounds of the Los Angeles County Fairplex in Pomona, California; After losing money for the last few years, the Walter P. Chrysler Museum will close its doors at the end of the year when Chrysler buys its vehicles and exhibits; Here is the NEW issue of the GEARHEAD GAZZETTE; G'day, earlier in the year I purchased some photos and Negatives from the John Moxley collection and thought I would email some; This is the beautiful new Cyclone-Team Steam USA streamliner; Rosco McGlashan, Aussie Invader. December 2012 – Newsletter; JOHN FITCH, written by Art Evans; Special notice and offer from Deuce of Spades filmmaker Faith Granger; What do all of these pictures of drag cars have in common?

Newsletter 264 - November 30, 2012 - Guest Editorial by Jeff Foulk; Editorial by Don Batyi; On November 1, 2012 the Placers Car Club lost our queen of raising money for Make-A-Wish of Northwest Ohio, Nancy Youngs; Staff notes: At the last gathering of the Santa Ana Airport Drag Strip and the Main Street Malt Shop Reunion I had ten people start on their biographies; I writing to you in regards to our emails earlier in the year; Beginning in the next week or so keep an eye out in your mailbox or at your local magazine rack or book store for the January 2013 issue of Hot VW's; Staff notes: We recently received an email from a reader who wanted to submit guest columnist articles; Field notes from Spencer Simon: staff researcher and writer: The founding of SEMA, by Bill Neumann; Gone Racin'...Dawson Hadley: Soft Spoken Genius; Staff notes; The following came from Burly Burlile; Ron Main sent this in to the newsletter

Newsletter 263 - November 20, 2012 - Guest Editorial; Editorials; Staff: The following article was sent to us by Ann Lindsley and is about the Celebration of Life that was held in November at the El Mirage SCTA dry lakes meet; Please find attached my El Mirage report from November, 2012; In regards to the VO monogrammed hubcaps, I seem to recall that Karl and Veda liked to drink Seagram's VO but as a regular at their speed shop, and their home, I do not recall any custom hub caps with those initials; SEMA Action Network (SAN) is a unique partnership between car clubs, individual enthusiasts and members of the specialty automotive parts industry who work together to promote pro-hobby legislation; Thank you for sharing the GEARHEAD GAZZETTE website with all your readers and members; Editor: Here are some charitable institutions that could use a donation over the holidays, or you could purchase Christmas gifts from their gift shops; For those wishing to attend John Fitch's Memorial Service, we have been informed by Don Klein that it will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2012; NHRA Motorsports Museum - Lions Drag Strip Reunion, December 1, 2012; 2 pm - 5 pm; 200 MPH Club (Bonneville). In 2012, car enthusiast Bruce Meyer, took a '32 Roadster and a 200mph dream to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah; Mid America Motorworks, the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of aftermarket parts and accessories for Corvettes, will sponsor the 60th Corvette Anniversary Celebration put on by Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA March 1-2, 2013; After the overwhelming success of the NHRA Museum’s popular Hot Rod Reunions in Kentucky and California, organizers elected to add another event to the 2013 Hot Rod Reunion calendar; THE NEW TEX SMITH AUTOBIOGRAPHY. By Tex Smith; Performance Power Racing Ford GT sets 283 MPH standing mile record; Wally Booth to be inducted into The International Drag Racing Hall of Fame; Staff: The following email was sent to us by Ron Main; I will try to dredge up what I can remember; Staff: Ron Main sent in this notice of a new drag racing movie; A new on-line VW magazine, Classic VW, will be hitting the stands (computers) this coming Tuesday, November 20, 2012; Buzz Rose sent along his Holiday catalog of books, posters, artwork and prints for fans of oval track and vintage racing; License Plates: A Timeline; Land Speed Record Racing; Rosco McGlashan and the Aussie Invader 5R team newsletter; News about the donation of more sponsorship to complete the restoration of Sydney Allard’s 1961 brainchi,; Europe’s first dragster, the 1961 Allard Chrysler; Bonneville Nat'l Speed Trials 1965 land speed record trophy Lot No 383; Don Garlits 1942 Ford

Newsletter 262 - November 15, 2012 - Guest Editorial; Guest Editorial; Editorials; John C. Fitch. By Douglas Martin, the New York Times, October 31, 2012; Please share www.gearheadgazzette.com website with all your readers; I have a historical question. What's the scoop on Veda Orr hubcaps?; Tina Van Curen at Autobooks-Aerobooks book store in Burbank sent us a notice that Toddy Ruttman, the daughter of Troy Ruttman, will be at their store on November 17, 2012 for a book signing for the new book on her father, California Gold the Legendary Life of Troy Ruttman; My name is John Rhodes, and I am Vice President and Treasurer of the Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR), a 501c(3) research and development organization working in collaboration with the University of Minnesota; We are having an open house to show our friends the Kent Fuller Streamliner project; I just posted this message on the Road Runners Facebook Group page and on the News page on our Road Runners website; “Ford unveils 'new' 1940 Coupe.” By Viknesh Vijayenthiran, from High Gear Media (re-sent to us by Dick Elliott); Justice Brothers has launched a new and improved website; We showed our car at the Del Mar Concours d'Elegance recently and the 1925 Chevrolet (Spurgin-Giovanine) Roadster won 1st place in "Competition Class; The Howard Eater Story (Or the tale of two Studebakers) By Dean Lowe with Rodney Bauman (Copyrighted material: Used by permission); The Guys Who Invented Hot Rods; Before-The-War Racing On Southern California's Dry Lakes; Art Evans is this year's recipient of the Lindley Bothwell Lifetime Achievement Award; There will be a Celebration of Life for Al Moss on November 3, 2012 at 1 PM; On Thursday, November 8, 2012, the Petersen Automotive Museum will honor George Follmer as one of their Legends of Motorsports; Frederick George Knoop Jr of Carmel, California, died on September 12, 2012 due to pancreatic cancer; STEELE THERKLESON (1929-2012) by John & Ginny Dixon; Harvey Crane is the older man with the beard; Here are a few of the pictures for Nov 3rd 2012 at the Blackie Gejeian Roast in Fresno, Ca

Newsletter 261 - November 9, 2012 - Guest Editorial; Editorials; December 1, 2012, Lions Drag Strip Reunion, 2 pm - 5 pm at the Automobile Club of Southern California sponsored Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum; Editor’s notes: The following came from Jerry Cornelison, Historian for the Road Runners car club and a member of the Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame located up in Buellton, California; I am sure we have met. I just didn't have a question about Bonneville before; Editor’s notes: I recently corresponded to a writer about the use of his articles and he gave me permission to reprint them in the SLSRH; Editor’s notes: The following comes from Rob Fortier at Rod & Custom magazine and is his approval for reprinting someone’s article or story from that particular magazine; Carrera California VIII. The eighth running of the Carrera California has been set for November 10-11, 2012; Editor's notes: The following comes from Jerry Cornelison, Road Runners car club historian; Editor’s notes: Mike Lewis sent in some personal stories about people that he’s known in drag racing; Editor’s notes: Charles Rollins wrote in and submitted the following article; The Jerry Kugel Story Building Rods And Breaking Records From the February, 2009 issue of Rod & Custom By Gray Baskerville.

Newsletter 260 - October 25, 2012 - Guest Editorial; Editorials; Editor's notes: The following came from Dema Elgin, who received it from Juggers Racing news, and written by Dawn Kucker; Announcing the Celebration of Life for Norman D. Grabowski, father of the T-Bucket (also known as Normie Poo, El Pocacko, It’s Him, Woo Woo and The Rod god); A special Thanks goes to our good friends Gary and Mark Meadors and the editor of the "GOOD GUYS GAZETTE" Kirk Jones for helping save the Salt; Impound Insights, by Dan Warner; Editor's notes: Ron Main sent in this link; Editor’s notes: Paul Hannan sent these stories to our Northern California Correspondent Spencer Simon, who forwarded them on to me to be published in our newsletter; Editor’s notes: Paul Hannan sent these stories to our Northern California Correspondent Spencer Simon, who forwarded them on to me to be published in our newsletter; You have my permission to print anything Spencer Simon or I send you; Editor: Ron Main sent this notice to us; The Road Runners created the Harvey Haller Memorial; Editor’s notes: There are biographies and stories at the Road Runner car club website at http://www.ussarcherfish.com/roadrunners/member.htm, edited by Jerry Cornelison, for the Road Runners car club; Editor's notes: Ernie Nagamatsu sent us an update on his recent tour; My name is Mike Horelick, and I am making a documentary film about the world's first skateboard race, The Signal Hill Speed Run, What a campaign at the Goodwood Revival Meeting Races in England.

Newsletter 259 - October 18, 2012 - Editor’s notes; Richard Elliott sent this in from Sports Car Digest; Norm Grabowski, world famous hot rodder and father of the original T-bucket, passed away this morning; Editor's notes; Kay Kimes, an original Bonneville racer from the very first Bonneville meet in 1949, sent in this memory of one of the great men in land speed racing; Harvey Haller; Road Runners; http://www.ussarcherfish.com/roadrunners/news.htm. September/ October 2012); Friends and fans of Motorspeedway; The Santa Ana Airport Drags and Main Street Malt Shop reunion is in the books for the October event; Editor's notes; Michael Brennan sent in the following link on the Throttlers car club; The Quarter Mile Foundation announces pre-release orders for Linda Vaughn Roast DVDs that was held in Parma Heights, Ohio; Editor's notes; Dema Elgin and Rick Gold sent in this link concerning Bonneville racer George Poteet's car collection and annual Barbecue; A few miles from the original showplace of the Oakland Grand National Roadster Show is the Blacksmith shop of Marty Costello of Mor-Drop Axles; Writer George Benson states that Johnny DeLong was never Ed Winfield's student; I just received this message from Miriam Macmillan; Editor's notes; Brian Taylor sent in a link to their latest link showing a magazine format detailing the work that they have accomplished on the restoration of the Sidney Allard dragster; George Poteet brought the whole Speed Demon crew out as his guests for this great weekend

Newsletter 258 - October 9, 2012 -  Guest Editorial; Editorials; Editor’s notes: This story comes from Spencer Simon who is reporting on the passing of Marty Costello; Excerpts from the story 'Chris Economaki passes.'  By Leo Levine, Autoweek magazine, 28 September 2012; Attached please find an obituary for Al Moss which was prepared by Art Evans and recently appeared in the Sports Car Digest; I love the guest editorial by Dyno Don Bayti; I met you at Bonneville many years ago; Bonneville record holder Rod Nestmann is relocating from Chicago to Las Vegas; Editor's notes: Tony Colombini at Black Top Magazine sent in this news; Here is a link to our new webpage for our Bonneville Land Speed Motorcycle; Alexandra and Corrina Lier showed up this morning to gather material for Alex's second book; AB-1658 Legacy License Plate bill has been signed by California Governor Jerry Brown and chaptered by the Secretary of State on the 28th and is now a statute; Editor’s notes: Franklin Ratliff provided three links to articles on the Bloodhound; George Follmer To Be Honored At The Petersen Automotive Museum November 8, 2012; Editor's notes; Here is a statement from a newsletter that Veloce Publishing Ltd sends out once a month and while they don't have many books on LSR they do have an eclectic archive of books to choose from and if you consider yourself to be an amateur or professional historian, then you should be building up your library.

Newsletter 257 - September 27, 2012 -  Guest Editorial; Editorials; Editor’s notes; The following comes from an email newsletter sent out by the Fab 50’s, a sports car and road racing group that I belong to; Editor’s notes; Jim Meyer sent this obituary in to us; The semi-annual Santa Ana Drags and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion is scheduled for October 6, 2012, from 10 AM to 2 PM at Santiago Creek (part of Hart) Park, on the border of the cities of Orange and Santa Ana; Re: Back to your roots-Santa Ana reunion recalls first sanctioned dragstrip; My history is: past track photographer at both Lions and Irwindale from the mid to late 1960’s and then associate editor at Popular Hot Rodding; Hello, remember me?  Mel from the Oilers car club in New Jersey; For open wheel enthusiasts check out Eddie D. Estes, FAST ASSOCIATES at "Motorsports Moments"; Readers; Ken Freund shares the memories of finding that lost car; My fondest memories of the old Santa Ana Airport drag strip was watching Gene Adams and his totally outrageous '49 (or '50?) Olds coupe run; Editor’s notes; Glenn Campbell at www.autowriters.com writes in; Here are some pictures that I have received from Bill Barringer on September 1, 2012; Editor’s notes; While updating my email address book I wrote to Keith Young and received this back; I would like to continue to receive your e-mails; I started drag racing in 1958 and land speed racing in 2000; Editor’s notes; Here is a short bio from LSR racer Bob Chilson; I am the VP of the High Desert Racers; I have been receiving your information; Special to the SLSRH Newsletter Attention all readers in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys; Editor’s notes; Randy Chenowth shared this information with us; Editor’s notes: The following press release comes from Ron Main and is also published at www.hotrodhotline.com; We wanted to see who will be at the SEMA Show this year; The 2012 World of Speed was a rousing success, despite occasional rain showers and downtime on the course 

Newsletter 256 - September 18, 2012 - Guest Editorial; Editorials; John C. (Jack) Gilmore, 1932-September 4, 2012; Editor’s notes: Ernie Schorb is in the hospital for surgery; The 64th Annual Grand National Roadster Show is scheduled for January 25- 27, 2013 with a Hawaiian theme; The semi-annual Santa Ana Drags and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion is scheduled for October 6, 2012, from 10 AM to 2 PM at Santiago Creek Park, on the border of the cities of Orange and Santa Ana; I received a large envelope from Bill Barringer, the son of George Barringer; Buddy Pepp, the executive director of the Petersen Automotive Museum (PAM) in Los Angeles has retired after serving two years in the position; Nancy and I drove the course today; No news from the recently concluded Utah Salt Flat Racing Association meet that concluded yesterday other than a few results and photos; Ethanol, Bill HR-3199, dated August 22, 2012; PLAY WITH WRA WILLOW SPRINGS RACEWAY, CA Saturday September 29, 2012 8:00 AM until Dusk; September 6, 2012 Cliff Ricci and Tim Richter have been appointed to new positions at Las Vegas Motor Speedway; I have been receiving your memos about reunions in California; For the 16th year in a row, Justice Brothers will support the NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion with the Justice Brothers Reunion Spotlight Award; 2012 Top Speed Shootout, by Jon Wennerberg, courtesy of www.landracing.com.; I just located a 1967 News Release I wrote for Halibrand that tells the story of the train we built in the Halibrand Race Car shop; Faith Granger, who directed and produced the hot rod movie Deuce of Spades, sent in the following message; Los Angeles County Fair goers are invited to visit the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by Automobile Club of Southern California, Building 3A next to the Millard Sheets Center, to see the newest exhibit, Neon and the American Road; Salt Addiction: LandSpeed Louise.  Article by Rocky Robinson, Contributing Editor, Thursday, August 23, 2012; As I have already said, Electric Cars for personal use is not practical, apparently I am not alone; Services for Clark "Butch" Philips. 

Newsletter 255 - August 31, 2012 - Guest Editorial; Editorials; Former partner in CASI, Tom Williams lost his extended battle with cancer; Denny Forsberg emailed me that Lenny Lowe died a month ago; The conversation I had with Denny Foresberg about Lenny Lowe was an interesting one; In regards to the inquiry about the S.C.T.A. decals, they are actually stick-ons and not decals; The World's Fastest Indian meets The World's Fastest Triumph; Well another Bonneville Speedweek has come and gone; For any of your readers that want a copy of the 5 Guys Day at NHRA, the cost is $30.00 per DVD; Editor's notes: Ron Main's website is at www.speeddemon.com; September 15 through September 19, 2012 Taming the Bonneville Salt, by Ron Main; Savoring speed and the Salt Flats, by Tom Wharton; Dan Durie has printed up some 36hp Challenge bumper stickers; Moldy Marvin & The AVMCA Presents The 1st Annual Rock 'n' Roll Invitational & Battle of the Bands & Charity Art Auction for the Painted Turtle; Don't miss this weekend at New England Dragway (NED); Latest news concerning the hallmark Los Angeles auto race held each Thanksgiving since 1933, except for the WW2 years and some limited racetracks after the closing of Gilmore Stadium; Gone Racin’…Harrell Engines & Racing Equipment; Jim (White) Harrell & Nick Harrell, by Roger H. Harrell; This is Allison Baver, Olympic bronze medal winner in speed skating; Folks, Treit and Davenport Land Speed Record streamliner; Bonneville Shootout course

Newsletter 254 - August 22, 2012 - Guest Editorial; Editorials; I found your site, and would love a sticker of your logo for my 88 Jeep; UPDATE (Speed Week - 8/15, 9:00am); Editor’s notes; Do you want to join a club or find out the history on a certain car club; Editor's notes; Jerry Cornelison found this notice; I have a question about Glen Barrett who is featured In American Hot Rod Foundation's Legends; I was wondering if “The Racers of Balboa” reunion still meets at the Elk’s lodge in El Cajon, California; Drag racing's first quarter-mile showman “T.V. TOMMY IVO,” who is one of NHRA's Top 50 Drivers, has been named grand marshal of the 21st annual California Hot Rod Reunion presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California, scheduled for October 19-21, 2012 at the Auto Club Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield; Editor’s notes; The following was sent in by Burly Burlile, from a message that he received from Mike Borders; Larry Fisher has been named executive director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by Automobile Club of Southern California at the Fairplex in Pomona, California, it was announced today by the museum’s board of directors; We had a great trip to Bonneville; A McLaren Experience; I came home from work late as usual; HERE'S THE DEAL. By Le Roi Tex Smith; If you did not have the time to make it to Monterey "Car Week" this year, Bench-Racing.com has you covered; AB-2289 first started when California Assemblyman Jeffries office called me before the 2011/12 Session and said they would like to do one more bill before Mr Jeffries termed out.

Newsletter 253 - August 16, 2012 - Guest Editorial; Editorials; Jerry Grant; The first Indy car racer to top 200mph. By Dan Gurney; Hot rodders Lynn and Bud Rasmus were married in Las Vegas on August 13, 2012; What I know about Jeff Shipley is that he was a professional top fuel racer during the 1960's, and he has been competing at Bonneville and El Mirage since 1958; Cruisin For A Cure is the world's largest one day charity car show in the USA; California Hot Rod Reunion will be on October 19-21, 2012 at Famoso drag strip just north of Bakersfield, California; The Linda Vaughn Roast is scheduled for August 29, 2012 at the Lucas Family Estate in Carmel, Indiana and tickets are dwindling quickly, according to Traci Hrudka, chairman of the Quarter Mile Foundation; Why don't all the hot rodders out there get the word out about the Bonneville Salt Flats situation; Marshall Robilio sent in this video of an operational V-12 Diesel engine that fits in the palm of a man’s hand; I met Paul Hannan when I bumped into Denny Foresberg at the same time when I was talking about doing a story on Bruce McLaren; Paul Hannan explained to me that this was the same Burt Munro who was the inspiration for the “World's Fastest Indian” movie; There were some questions from about the article I wrote; Editor’s notes; The following letter was received from Don Bayti who works very hard to introduce legislation for the benefit of hot rodding and to fight against potential laws that would hinder the sport; Valerie Thompson, 3-Time Land Speed Record Holder, is set to compete at Speed Week (August 11-17, 2012) and the BUB Speed Trials (August 25-30, 2012) at the Bonneville Salt Flats; Editor’s notes; Hot rod artist Tom Fritz has a website and would like you to join him; Couldn't the Bonneville Salt Flats be considered a historical landmark and still continue with racing

Newsletter 252 - August 9, 2012 - Guest Editorial: The Shrinking Salt Speedway; Editorial; Bill Marshall, born on November 7, 1933 in Everett, Massachusetts and passed away on July 27, 2012; The ACK Attack will be going back to the Shootout September 15 Rocky really wants to be the first to average 400; Fellow Road Runners member, Jake Krotje, owner of The Flying Dutchman Co. (custom auto and motorcycle fabrication), just posted the following on our Road Runners Facebook page; My name is Susan (Prentice) Zielinski, cousin of Peter Prentice; our fathers were brothers; Editor’s notes: The following descriptions were sent in by cam manufacturer Dema Elgin; It is okay with me to use anything to promote the hobby; The Road Runners Family Picnic has a date change; I am going to Bonneville; John Glaspey is producing a book about Lions and he needs some info from you; This spring we sadly lost Russ Knott, one of our 130 MPH Club starters without warning; Rex Roden, Prez of the ACCC sent the below Hemming's link to me; The following article was sent in by Rick Gold, owner of ERC Fuels; Editor’s notes: The following comes from the newsletter of Jessica Clark, a young oval track racer.

Newsletter 251 - August 8, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, The Justice Brothers Company has a Newsletter which you can access free by emailing newsletter@justicebrothers.com; I saw Ernie Schorb in the ICU today and he is conscious and on a breathing ventilator; Here is a project that I am working on for my track "T"; (To) Dema (Elgin); Did you know any other people that Ed Winfield also taught?; Editor; Here are a few cam grinders to go along with Dema and Spencer’s research; IMPOUND INSIGHTS - July 2012, by Dan Warner; White Goose Bar Racing, Winter 2011 – 2012, by Mike Manghelli; I have Bob Nichols site mostly complete; Blacktop Magazine is now available in printed format; Ron Main submitted this from his website; A recent "the Samba" inquiry about 36hp and VW Challenge land speed racing from Walter De Vette in Belgium and his research has led me to the news of a mile acceleration land speed racing event which was held last year at Gross Dolln, just north of Berlin; Link to the August 2012 issue of ACAG Update.

Newsletter 250 - July 27, 2012 - Editorials, Richard Willim retired from Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan and his father raced V8/60's.  Richard has built many l-head engines and has an inventory of V8/60 parts; The Hot Rod magazine, Car Craft magazine and the Automobile Driving Museum (ADM) Summer Cruise Night will be held on Friday, 27 July 2012; Road Runners Ramblings (July 2012), by Jerry Cornelison; I had the privilege of meeting Blackie Gejeian; I wanted to let you know that I have posted the video that was taken by Bruce Hamilton and myself at the NHRA Museum in Pomona on April 23, 2012 when Dick Martin honored the Five Guy; This is the link to 5 Guys (Arias, Carrillo, Hilborn, Iskenderian and Senter) on youtube; Editor’s notes; The following was sent to us by Jerry Cornelison; I received the email (about DRECP from Jerry Cornelison) and thought I would pass it along; I am attempting to find the e-mail address or phone number for John Carroll who wrote HOT RODS & Street Rods in 2007; Please check out our new web site; Team Steam USA has been busy creating a new streamliner based on the proven design of Ron Main's Speed Demon; The Over the Hill Gang, San Bernardino chapter was established in 1973; July 20th 2012.  PUBLIC DEBUT FOR RESTORED ALLARD CHRYSLER DRAGSTER; SPEED DEMON HAS 7 SPEED - Liberty 7-Speed Transmission case

Newsletter 249 - July 17, 2012 - Field Reporter and Historian, Editorials, Chick Saffell has passed away on July 2, 2012 and his services was held on July 12, Roger Jensen, who assisted us with the FV car show the past 7 years, passed away from complications of Pancreatic cancer; To Diane Radbruch Potratz: I would like to thank you for your email concerning your uncle Don Radbruch. Don was an extreme help to me with his expertise and his work as a great historian; I just received this message from the BLM via SCTA about important new El Mirage lakebed access instructions beginning this weekend; Editor's notes: Ron Main sent this to me to share with the readers; I wanted to say thank you for your coverage/photos of our models at the L.A. Roadster show; I am going to go to the speedboat meet with Skip Govia for another story; Alex Xydias’ 90th Birthday Gala was held at the Conference Center at the L.A. Fairplex on June 16, 2012; We added a link on our website for a short 3 minute 'Run to the Sun' slide show on YouTube; Editor’s notes; The following news release was sent to us by www.hotrodhotline.com; I would like to add a follow up to an email I sent a little over a year ago; Cruisin For A Cure is the world's largest one day charity car show in the US; Message from Jerry Cornelison and Mike Retzlaff; To Ron Main: Here is the follow up to our first story on the Speed Demon wheels; The AB-1658-California Legacy License Plate Program law sponsored by Mike Gatto-D is starting to look like it may pass; The Rodder’s Journal has a new publication called the Scrapbook; Blackie Gejeian, promoter par excellence and Fresno hot rod kingpin is getting roasted; Here is a more detailed review of the work carried out on the 1961 Allard Chrysler dragster during June and on July 1 when the car was first fired up; Editor’s notes; Dema Elgin and Rick Gold sent in this link to a story titled THEY LEFT THEIR HEARTS IN SAN FERNANDO, by Phil Burgess, editor of the National Dragster; Tony Moore at Wolfsburg West has just announced he will again offer a $1000.00 contingency award to racers in the 36hp Challenge; The following was sent in by Richard Elliott and is from Sports Car Digest magazine.

Newsletter 248 - July 5, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, My family was invited to Dema Elgin's Garden Party; We are having a 91st birthday party for Ed Iskenderian on Saturday, July 14, 2012 with a barbecue at 4PM; Remembering Frank Arciero (1925-2012), by Art Evans. (From Sports Car Digest); I am trying to do some research on racing photos, books and paintings that I have; Dick Elliott notified us that Sports Car Digest has an article by Raffi Minasian titled Legendary Streamliner at Pebble Beach Concours 2010; World War 2 Surplus Hardware Stores: A Boom to Hot Roding and Auto Racing, by Bob Falcon July 1, 2012; I have received many emails and phone calls regarding my Bulletin on Blackie Gejeian because the attachments did not forward; Russell's Truck and Travel Auto Museum; I received the below email from Butch Gardner of the ACCC and thought I would pass along; California Governor Jerry Brown restored most of the $21 million OHV Fund that was being raided by the Democratic led California State Legislature and Senate to keep State Parks open; The Sam Auxier Jr Show All New (Live365) Network Monday, July 2nd, 2012, from 7-9 PM; I'm sending this notice out to make sure you got the word about the Nostalgia Drag Fest at Oxford Plains Dragway next Saturday, July 7, 2012; Valerie Thompson, owner/driver of the Valerie Thompson Racing Team, will be competing at the second running of the East Coast Timing Association’s Ohio Mile land speed racing event July 7-8, 2012 in Wilmington Ohio; For those of you who enjoy reading about Carroll Shelby there is a book out titled CARROLL SHELBY, by British author Rinsey Mills; Michael Dobrin Public Relations (MDPR) has announced that the firm has resigned the Toyota account after 22 years serving as Toyota's West Coast field public relations agency; Listed are some regional automotive press associations provided by the Auto Writers Newsletter, courtesy of Glenn Campbell.; Sydney Allard’s 1961 Allard Chrysler dragster is fired up after being silent since 1964; The following video shows the GM Heritage Center in Detroit; 2012 SPEED WEEK ENTRIES FOR SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION

Newsletter 247 - June 29, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Glen Hill passed away yesterday, Would that be RG Hill, I am the guy with the black '48 Chevrolet with radiator problems, 26 June 2012 Report on 2012 ADM Auto-Aero Book Fair; Editor’s notes: The following email is being sent around the internet; My name is Joe Kagerer, I’m helping out my friend Bob Nichols with a new web site; I came across this ad; Richard Noble's Diary - June 2012 update (from the website); Moldy Marvin's 12th Annual Rat Fink Party & Kustom Kulture Extravaganza, Charity Art Auction and Panel Jam For the Painted Turtle Camp for Seriously Ill Children; The following topic was sent in by Ron Main from a report by Scott Andrews

Newsletter 246 - June 20, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Julian Doty Celebration of Life (December 1922 - May 2012); Kim Custer’s West Coast Memorial will be held on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 1:30 PM at the Automobile Driving Museum, 610 Lairport Street, El Segundo, California 90245; Bob Falcon reminds us that the Literature Fair will be held on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at the Automobile Driving Museum, 610 Lairport Street, El Segundo, California 90245; The following messages were sent to us from Jerry Cornelison of the Road Runners; This Wednesday night, June 20, 2012 at Bass Pro, 7PM in Foxboro, at the stadium, is another meeting with the Massachusetts DOT emissions board and other state officials plus various auto clubs around the state; Editor's notes; Ron Main sent this in. The title of the video is "Mickey Thompson patches holes on the course at Bonneville; The following was just posted on the Road Runners website; SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION - BONNEVILLE NATIONALS INC; On Wednesday, June 13, 2012 my granddaughter Hope and her husband, Trey Jackson, will be dancing on "So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox (in the Bay Area at 8 pm); Many years ago an old Indy Car mechanic and hanger-on, named Mitch, used to drive out to the local farms in his old pickup truck and fill it to the brim with local corn he bought from the farmers; Editor’s notes; The following quotes and short reviews from motor racing books were written by a group called Coastal 181

Newsletter 245 - June 13, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Julian Doty Celebration of Life (December 1922 - May 2012); My dad, Chet Carter, passed away this past weekend; The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum and the Alex Xydias Center for Automotive Arts at Fairplex (AXC) is holding a 90th Birthday Party for Alex on June 16, 2012 at the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center in Pomona, California; Editor's notes; I received an email from Bob Falcon; IMPOUND INSIGHTS - June 2012. By Dan Warne; Editor’s notes: Faith Granger would like to suggest that a perfect Father's Day gift would be a DVD of her movie, The Deuce of Spades; Call him rocket man: 2,000 mph car in the works in California; Veloce Publishing Company, with offices in Great Britain and Texas has an interesting website with a wide range of old book titles that they are bringing back into circulation; Editor’s notes; The following story by Tex Smith comes from www.hotrodhotline.com and is reprinted by permission of the owners of the website, which also own www.landspeedracing.com; Gone Racin’…I Am Your Disease, by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis, with Heiko Ganzer, LCSW, CASAC.

Newsletter 244 - June 5, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Julian Doty Celebration of Life (December 1922 - May 2012); Bonneville report; El Mirage Race Report; Your editorial in the June 1st SOCIETY OF LAND SPEED RACING HISTORIANS NEWSLETTER (#243) was great; The SCTA needs your help with this issue; it is possible we could lose the lakebed to solar and wind generation plants; I found this website www.gocatspeedshop.com it has Flat head engines and roadsters; Burly; Recently my uncle passed away and in his eulogy they stated he went up to the salt flats (from CA) to race; The best that I can offer is to start with a search of his high school yearbook; I'm looking for info on the Culp Roadster from the 1970-80's Can you help?; Burly Burlile sent in a report on the ECTA meet; The Quarter Mile Foundation will host the Linda Vaughn Roast; A Tribute to Miss Hurst Golden Shifter; Gone Racin’…Carroll Shelby; I was re-organizing stuff and came across the plaque; "First Place Ladies" - Mile Square Time Trials - Ina Balchowsky; Editor’s notes; Here is more on Mile Square Park and the triangular paved runways that were sometimes used by hotrodders to drag race when no one was around to stop them; One of our readers has experienced problems with a hacker who has overtaken his system and is unable to regain control; Kerry Alter of Alter/Bivins Land Speed Racing has signed 20-year-old drag racer, Dystany Spurlock, to be an additional rider for their team at the Bonneville Salt Flats during the 2012 BUB Speed Trials; Here is the link to the on-line magazine version of the June 2012 ACAG Update.

Newsletter 243 - June 1, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Frank Arciero passed away Wednesday, May 23, 2012; A Celebration of Life will be held for Carroll Shelby at the Petersen Automotive Museum; Editor’s notes; the following tribute was written by Ernie Nagamatsu, the owner of Ol’ Yeller and the Spurgeon/Giovanine LSR roadste; Writers, authors, photographers, aviation and auto historians and gathers of collectibles, it's time to clean out your research files of automotive and aviation books and magazines that are gathering dust; Here is a little insight on the E15 controversy; Editor’s notes: Www.HotRodHotline.com is an excellent source of information for the hot rodder, dry lakes, oval track, drag racer and other auto racing enthusiasts; This notice was sent in by John Julis who is a member of the Road Runners car club and also a member of the SEMA organization; IMPOUND INSIGHTS; Hundreds of photos from Shelby team photographer; Dave Friedman collection, 1946-2009; Pattie Frost sent word that Dick Berggren is going to retire.

Newsletter 242 - May 22, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Big Willie Robinson passed away this morning, May 19, 2012 around 5 AM and is now reunited with Tomiko; Carroll Shelby passes away, Motor Trend magazine; The last newsletter was really great; I got a call from Neil Thompson Jr and he told me that his dad is dying; Neil Thompson Sr was a fierce competitor through our early days of Studebaker comp coupe land speed racing; Jim Loving went to visit Neil Thompson Sr this past Saturday in Palm Springs; Who is Neil Thompson Senior and can we get some more details so I can pass the important message to the right people that I know; Neil Thompson Senior passed away this morning; I was just informed by Scrub Hansen that Neil Thompson Senior passed away this morning, May 16, 2012 at 05:30 AM in Palm Springs, California; Alex Xydias, board president of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, is turning 90; Years ago I did a book on the town of Bolsa where Calvin Rice lived and built his first sling-shot dragster; Ron Main sent in this link on the new Nish streamliner; Friends of the VW Challenge; Are you racing a VW Samba, Kombi or window van; The SCTA needs your help with this issue; it is possible we could lose the lakebed to solar and wind generation plants; Actor Tim Considine of My Three Sons will be honored at a special event in Los Angeles; Editor's notes: Richard Elliott sent in two very detailed and thorough biographies about Carroll Shelby and John Edgar; If there ever was a Rambo in racing, it would have been Mr Shelby; I was wondering if you could direct me to any stories and articles featuring my grandfather Joe Gemsa; Could this be our future at some air field in California; Kent Fullers Bonneville car; The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum is looking for a new director to lead the facility and to organize fund raising; LAS VEGAS – The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will present the annual Rockabilly Rod Reunion and NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series on Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-27).

Newsletter 241 - May 14, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Mustang Monthly, Carroll Shelby: 1923-2012; Jim Nelson of Drag Master fame passed away; For those of you who knew Dave Bell or of his work (Street Rodder, Henry HiRise the cartoon in the back) he passed away on Saturday night; I have found several bios on Dave on Google; Art Bagnall was The Helmet Man and Off-Road Industry News; Fellow hot rodder Dan "Bird Bird" Chase passed away earlier today; Editor’s notes: The following is a response to a press release that I received; Check out this website: http:/theold-motor.com/; I'm sorry you have not heard from me in while; sometimes a man just has to paint; That really was absolutely a fantastic set of photos of Frank Lockhart's streamliner; Norma; Thank you for the notice; The following proposal was sent in by Ron Main; I am now a guest Speedway columnist on www.BikerHotline.com; Perhaps some Saltines (or others) could help locate two new fuel injectors for my friend's 1989 Dodge Ram Charger 318 Cubic Inch injected truck engine; I would like to mention that was a fantastic and great letter about Julian Doty; and also a small world; From GasBuddy.com website; Today, at the Mojave Mile in southern California, Dan Durie recaptured the SS36 Beetle record from Juan Cole; Thursday, May 4, 2012 Inaugural 2012 Wilmington, Ohio ECTA Mile event update; Contact: John Bisci LVMS Public Relations (702) 632-8231 jbisci@lvms.com  April 12, 2012  Annual Rockabilly Rod Reunion and NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series May 26-27 at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Newsletter 240 - May 4, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, John Kilgore reported that Julian Doty passed away at 2:55 pm on Wednesday, May 2, 2012; Readers: Please bear in mind that all correspondence can be used in the newsletters unless you ask us not to; simply by stating "private," or "confidential," and then we will always respect your privacy; Readers: The following comment came from Spencer Simon, “This is great. Incredible a lot of great names of passing these couple of weeks; Editor’s notes: Sometimes I receive emails that have tantalizing bits of history to them, such as these emails from Hila Sweet; We are so sorry to hear of this I am sure there is an even sadder story behind this news; C-T Automotive, North Hollywood, 1950's engine shop was known for their Ardun-Merc and Chrysler Hemi race motors.  Mark Brinker has a car entered in this year's Pebble Beach Concours that was powered by one of C-T Automotive's Ardun-Merc motors; Harry Pallenberg at www.wheretheyraced.com, in cooperation with Harold Osmer, has put together a video called “Where they raced,” which is based on the books by Osmer of the same name; The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by Automobile Club of Southern California has collaborated with the Museum of Neon Art (MONA) to open a new exhibit, Neon and the American Road, on Wednesday, May 2 during the monthly Prolong Twilight Cruise; Gone Racin’…To see Julian Doty; From the Justice Brothers Newsletter; DEUCE OF SPADES won the Golden Wheel Award last week at the International Reel Wheel festival; The following report on the British Allard dragster was sent in by Brian Taylor; Former Modified Driver Jeff Russell, from Boise, Idaho, was injured in 2009 at the Las Vegas Bullring; Contact: John Bisci LVMS Public Relations (702) 632-8231 jbisci@lvms.com  Annual Rockabilly Rod Reunion and NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series May 26-27 at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Newsletter 239 - May 1, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Neil Thompson Sr. is currently at Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Spring; I am deeply saddened to tell you that early this morning, my brother John Partridge died of a massive heart attack at San Antonio Hospital in Upland, California; My dad Bernie Partridge passed away this afternoon at home with his family; This week we lost two great men; Because we were from Division 7 I knew Bernie and Phylis very well; I am very saddened to hear of Bernie and John Partridge’s passing; Bob Oppermann passed away on Friday, April 13, 2012; Bernie Partridge was the Division 7 Director for many years and the announcer for the Winternationals and maybe other races too, but I especially remember his voice at Pomona for quite a few years; I am so sorry about the loss of two great men. KS was very fond of Bernie and I'm very sorry it happened; I've told Bill and he sends his condolences to the Partridge family; I am sorry for the loss suffered by the Partridge family; Very sorry to hear about losing these 2 good men; Am very sorry I cannot attend, When I was a publicity plebe with NHRA in the '60's Bernie was so helpful and encouraging; Andy Porterfield (1931-2012). By Art Evans; Andy Porterfield (1931 – 2012) By Art; I have a personal favor to ask! Former Modified Driver Jeff Russell, from Boise, Idaho, was injured in 2009 at the Las Vegas Bullring; The Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame and Gas-Up Party, hosted by the Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club and the Mendenhall Petroleum Museum and Gas Pump collection, will be held on April 28, 2012; For information on the Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame; Do you know someone who could help me in setting up a Kong Ignition properly for my original '32 Roadster?; The Record Breaking Lakester Comes Home; California Car Show June 9-10, 2012 in Buellton, California; Irwindale, California NHRA street-legal drag racing has just been given the green light and is back on schedule in Irwindale after (way too many) weeks away, the hot eighth-mile drag strip at Irwindale is all set to starting to lighting up the night again on Thursday, April 26, 2012; There is a fine article on Ron Main in the Bonneville Racing News; The following article concerns the reopening of Irwindale Speedway drag strip; I took my flathead motor to George Santo's S&S Shop for a main cap bore for my new caps; If you ever come across any tape of Ed Winfield, that is the holy grail!; A lot of those old speed merchant guys operated that way; I spoke to Vern Tardel this morning and he is going to give me a phone number of a person that collected a lot of the Kong stuff and should have info about the ignition system that someone was looking for; APRIL 2012 ACAG UPDATE; April 12, 2012 Annual Rockabilly Rod Reunion and NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series May 26-27 at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Newsletter 238 - April 12, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Bill Jenkins passed away R.I.P; The editor and staff of the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter sends our condolences to Janice at www.hotrodhotline.com for the recent loss of her husband Dick in a tragic accident at their home, Cycle News magazine - According to reports on Los Angeles television station KTLA, Connor Penhall, the son of former World Speedway Champion Bruce Penhall, was killed last night by a suspected drunk driver on the 10 Freeway in Baldwin Park, California; For information on the Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame go to www.mendenhallmuseum.com; Another new bio has been added to our "Member Spotlight" webpage; Car racing fans; there are three events coming up that you may enjoy attending; My father, Kenny Burggraf was the starter at the Bonneville Salt Flats from 1960-1975 with Roscoe Turner and Bell helmets; LandSpeed Louise Ann Noeth thought she was traveling a familiar road when she bought back the publishing rights to her book: Bonneville Salt Flats: The Fastest Place on Earth, Thank you for the email alert. I plan to be at the Santa Ana Drags reunion on April 14; Bill Hoddinott did a great interview on Ron Main in the Bonneville Racing News; Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club; Mailing Address P.O. Box 1234, Buellton, California 93427; You Meet the Nicest People at Speedway; Edward R. Justice Jr, President/CEO Justice Brothers; Schley Brothers Reunion at Bug-In 37; The current status of Irwindale Speedway is that the company that owns the land now effectively owns everything built on it as well (the former operating manager of the track filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy); As of now, eleven VW LSR current, new or project cars are also supposed to be on display at the Bug In; In the 'President's Corner' piece of the March 28, 2012 Newsletter, reference is made to 'Great shots' (concerning Tony Capanna); Regarding the Land Speed Hall of Fame locations, you might try to investigate the club at the Brooklands race course in the UK; Here is a recent inquiry I received via e-mail, probably as a result of an internet search that identified Leonard Harbison as a former Road Runners member (circa 1941)

Newsletter 237 - March 28, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Recent posting exchange on our Road Runners Facebook page; For information on the Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame go to www.mendenhallmuseum.com; This episode of "Life of Riley" Harms Way had posted on the HAMB; Car racing fans; there are three events coming up that you may enjoy attending; Old Hot rod video; Editor’s notes: Recently I received an email asking if I have a copy or have seen some particular home movies or would like a copy of the home movie or video; A meeting with the Massachusetts DOT is scheduled for this Wednesday at the Patriots Foxboro Stadium inside the Bass Pro shop on the lower floor, at 7:00 PM; Harry Fields was a founding member of the Throttle Queens car club in the 1950's; In 2004, legislation was enacted to repeal California's rolling emissions-test exemption for vehicles 30 years old and older and replace it with a law requiring the lifetime testing of all 1976 and newer model-year vehicles; The Russetta Timing was not a club in 1946; it was just Raymond Ingram, period; SCTA Club Presidents and Reps: Please find attached an invite to the Long Beach Grand Prix Safety Seminar; The following news story is from www.Truckinginfo.com; The revised 2012 El Mirage Procedures are now available on the SCTA website or on the Road Runners Duties Page on our website

Newsletter 236 - March 28, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Was sure fun to read your article mentioning Eldon Snapp as a friend; I ran across this abstract in an Albuquerque Journal Newspaper in 1953, just wondering if this is the Santa Ana historian Leslie Long; I am in Australia and here is your DLRA Speedweek update; You certainly did a lot of fine work; (Editor-A reader is inquiring about the value of some memorabilia that he inherited); The North American Eagle (NAE) team in Spanaway, Washington is joining forces with 2X motorcycle land-speed record holder Valerie Thompson; Deuce of Spades is a film by Faith Granger and has already received massive press worldwide, including five front covers, twelve page spreads, centerfold poster etc; Car racing fans, there are three events coming up that you may enjoy attending; Readers: Marshall Robilio forwarded this to us at www.landspeedracing.com.  -editor; For information on the Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame; I went to Stockton, California to meet Carl Schmid for an Interview; The Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club has announced the date of their event; Saturday, March 31, 2012 I'm hosting a Cruise in and Gallery Reception in Lancaster; The following ad on eBay was brought to our attention by Dick Elliott; The ACAG restoration team assembled again at Andy Robinson Race Cars on Sunday February 26, 2012

Newsletter 235 - March 7, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Art Clayton, who joined the Road Runners in the early 1980's and was a member through 2000, passed away on Monday, February 27, 2012; It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you of the passing yesterday of Russ Knotts, who along with Walt Bloomfield and Carlos Wheeldon, was our starter on the 130 Mile Per Hour Club course; The Rodder's journal is publishing a 400 page scrapbook of photographs almost all of which have not been published before; Editor’s notes: The Justice Brothers Car Care Products in Duarte, California has an online newsletter that is very interesting.; My name is Mike Kelley, and I grew up with Greg Falconer; The story behind the Deuce of Spades, a film by Faith Granger: Basic info about the filmmaker, the film, cast and the star car; The panel discussion was great and "SAVE THE SALT" was in the program; Amanda Ferguson grew up around the sport of Land Speed Racing; I currently have on loan to me the former Burke Bros Avanti, car # 88; Gone Racin'... Drop Tanks and External Fuel Tanks; A Technical History; Rosco McGlasson has an internet newsletter called Aussie Invader LSR Newsletter; eBay Find: A Very Old, Very Cool, Scotty Fenn Built Slingshot Dragster; My name is Jennifer Dailey. Bill Dailey is my grandpa. He has been gone for several years now; Blackie Gejeian calls it quits for Fresno Autorama; Mojave Magnum registration opens tomorrow; September 5, 2006. Recollections of the Last Drag Race

Newsletter 234 - February 28, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Just received word from Diane that Art Bagnall had "Crossed the Finish Line" last evening; ADM Auto and Aviation History Expo is now officially scheduled to happen on 4 March 2012; Dick Elliott sent in word of several videos available on Vimeo about the Flower of Scotland and the Speed Demon; Gene Winfield one of my heroes is 84 years young and still doing it! His new DVD should get an academy award; Bob Falcon writes in that there have been several newspaper articles that Irwindale Speedway, in Irwindale, California, (both the oval track and the drag strip) may be closed down; At this point some things are still under the auspices of the courts (CREDITOR'S HEARING: MARCH 20); My name is Anna Marco. I am feature editor of Ol Skool Rodz & Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine and a member of the Gear Grinders SCTA CC; Advertising in the Speed Week Program; I am 68 and my first car was a Studebaker; The Sonic Wind LSRV project will be on the Discovery channel Canada tonight on the Daily Planet show at 7PM and 11PM; The Road Runners scheduled trip to the Nethercutt Museum is this coming Saturday, Feb 18; For more information on the Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame go to www.oilstick.com; Some old school drag footage; This is the link to the February 2012 ACAG Update giving you the latest news about the restoration and the next installment of the Allard Chrysler’s racing history – plus lots of extra news since the January issue of the on-line turn-page version; all with layout by Jayne McWatt and on-line version by Nigel Holland of Drag Racing Confidential; Speed Freaks Panel Discussion Moderated by Gale Banks; Readers: The following was sent to me by Dick Elliott; I believe that Studebaker broke the record in B sports division but I can't even find present day info that this division even exists today; Autobooks in Burbank, California (2900 W. Magnolia Blvd) will be hosting a book signing by Bob Schilling on Saturday, February 25 from 10 AM to 2 PM; I received a link directing me to a site that involved the old Vaca Valley Drag Strip (1956-1972); Jammin' at the Sacramento Autorama; Prof. Mike McCarthy at UCI has developed an on-track competition bringing together high-school and university student teams to design, build and compete with energy conservation vehicles (race cars); Deuce of Spades has already established itself as a worldwide cult classic in its genre, the next American Graffiti, filling a 38 year void on the market; Blacktop magazine; Rules Committee Approves Washington State Pro-Hobbyist Inoperable Vehicle Bill; Moves Next to Senate Floor; Gone Racin’… Roy Richter; Striving for Excellence, by Art Bagnall; I'm sure you both are very aware of this project and probably have seen this website; Attached is release and jpg pics about the 2012 British Drag Racing Hall of Fame presentations held in Solihull on February 11th

Newsletter 233 - February 16, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Just received word from Diane that Art had "Crossed the Finish Line" last evening; 2012 SCTA/BNI Schedule of events; Believe it or not after many, many years of hard work Bob Schilling's beautiful book on Rex Mays is finished; The Milers car club meeting will be February 18, 2012, with chili and beans at 12 noon and the meeting at 1 PM; LandSpeed Louise Ann Noeth was recently on the Wally Bell radio show on January 25, 2012; I had a meeting with Bill Goff (son of Porter Goff) on Tuesday; My name is Carolyn Parks ... My father, Richard Collins, died of cancer about five years ago; Check out the great little 60 second piece that eBay did on our museum; Gone Racin'...Dawson Hadley: Soft Spoken Genius; Friends of the Challenge For those folks coming to Bonneville in September for the USFRA's World of Speed (Sept 8-11, Sat thru Tues); There have been 3 requests for procedures changes; RADIO AND TV PRESENTER DAVE LEE TRAVIS ENTERS BRITISH DRAG RACING’S HALL OF FAME, SPEEDWAY CYCLE 2012 INDUSTRY SEASON KICKOFF BBQ LUNCHEON; Friends of the Challenge The USFRA is now accepting entries and assigning Race Numbers for both the 130 and 150 MPH Club racers at this year’s upcoming World of Speed in September

Newsletter 232 - January 25, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Jim Lytle, the creator of everything Allison-powered including the legendary "BIG AL" '34 Ford 2-door sedan, passed away December 8, 2011, at Lahaina on the island of Maui where he had lived for over 20 years; I just learned of a car show being held in Santa Rosa, California on March 9-11, 2012; The Wally Bell Show is produced and broadcast worldwide by the Zeus Radio Network for Racers Reunion Radio; Introduction to a New Column for this Newsletter By Bob Falcon; Anne Lindsley was awarded the Vera Aldrich Award at the SCTA banquet that was held in Westminster, California, on January 21, 2012; The Sam Auxier Jr Show www.TheSamAuxierJrShow.com; Thanks for the info about Burke LeSage; The Lions Last Drag Race Reunion; The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum is pleased to host a new exhibit celebrating the history of one of American motorsports most iconic brands; Mooneyes; Tom Medley, creator of the "Stroker McGurk" cartoon character that appeared in Hot Rod magazine in the 1950’s, once joked he would have liked to own a flamed '40 Coupe; Don Garlits is celebrating his 80th birthday; Congratulations to the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show Hall of Fame and 2012 Legends of the Autorama Inductees; I am still plugging away at WHERE THEY RACED, trying to secure a corporate sponsor (in talks with Ford, Mazda, GM, Toyota, BP and more) for finishing money for final editing, sound and legal; Gone Racin’…Burke LeSage Memorial Article by Richard Parks, photographs by Roger Rohrdanz; Gone Racin'...With Burke LeSage  Written by Burke LeSage, edited by Richard Parks, photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz; Happy New Year to you and please keep the newsletters and updates coming;

Newsletter 231 - January 24, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, I’m so sad to report that Thomas C. Lemons, AKA “TC,” “Top Cat” and beloved “Tommy,” passed away this morning around 11 AM, January 11, 2012; Don’t forget the Burke LeSage Memorial on the 20th of this month at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California; There is a nice article on Waldo Stakes and his attempt at the unlimited land speed record; To the editor: A very nice retort, but many times, lengthy, time consuming, historical information can be found on a website and the "link" can be provided to that site for people who are interested; I read in the newsletter about Junior Thompson's "original" Opel Kadet AA/GS car is ready to roll out of his shop, and into a museum; Gone Racin'...Charlie Gilmore's story.  Written by Charles Gilmore, edited by Richard Parks, photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz; Editor’s notes: The following was sent in by John Buck, promoter/owner of the Grand National Roadster Show; THEM BACK FENCE GUYS!  By LeRoi Tex Smith

Newsletter 230 - January 12, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, Memorial/Celebration of Life for Burke LeSage; Early Drag Racing Part 1; Video of the 1955, ’56 and ’57 NHRA U. S. Nationals; Happy New Year to you and please keep the newsletters and updates coming; When we last spoke you mentioned “boxes of stuff” that you knew were around with some information from early (1970 – 1973) NHRA races; I posted the notice of the Celebration of Life for Burke LeSage on the www.Oilstick.com website under obits; The official 2012 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series rules supplement and amendments is now available at this website; Check out the video of the NHRA '62 Winters; Richard: You have my permission to use it all (Tim’s obituary); I just had the opportunity to read a proof of the February issue of Ultra VW's magazine from over in England; First Motor Trend Cover Car; Editor’s notes: This release was received from the Motorsports Hall of Fame, in Detroit, Michigan and is reprinted with minor editing; Gone Racin’…To say goodbye to C. J. Hart. Article by Richard Parks, photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz; Gone Racin’…Deuce of Spades, a movie by Faith Granger. Movie review by Richard Parks, photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz

Newsletter 229 - January 6, 2012 - President's Corner, Editorials, FULTON "SHORTY" L. RICHARDS, sent in by Larry Richards; Memorial/Celebration of Life for Burke LeSage; Rudolph Weir had a shop in Los Angeles, California called Weir Motors in the thirties; The 80th Anniversary of the iconic 1932 Ford Deuce will be celebrated at the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show, co-presented by The Roadsters of Los Angeles and Flowmaster - The Exhaust Technology Company; This is a interesting read and maybe something you can use as a fill in, though it is not related to LSR as there are a few circle track racers on the great site; I am a Finnish journalist preparing an article covering the amazing achievements of California hot rodders Mickey Thompson and Summers brothers; An Oval Track Racer Doing Record Setting Straight Line Racing, 26 December 2011; Editor’s notes: The recent issue of the online retro hot rodding e-zine, Blacktop magazine, has the following subjects; Mooneyes X-mas Party, Chopperfest, Blacktop Bettys, and more from the SEMA Show; Editor’s notes: With the passing of Burke LeSage I felt it was appropriate to bring to you a little history about Burke; Just received a phone call tonight from my dear friends Junior and Anita Thompson. JR Thompson’s “original” Opel Kadett AA/GS is now being prepared to leave JR’s garage and enter a museum; World's Oldest Running Car Fetches $4.62 Million


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