slsrh-logo1We are very happy to be able to bring you information and newsletters from The  Society of Land Speed Racing Historians group. The purpose of this historical group is to preserve the history and heritage of landspeed and dry lakes racing, to promote the hot rodding culture, to work towards a permanent repository where artifacts can be safely kept and restored for future generations and to encourage historians, photographers and others to publish their books and photographs. 

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We’re glad to be back on track bringing you the latest of the LSR newsletters... we’ll be adding missing issues as we are able... thanks for your understanding.

Newsletter 364 March 20, 2015     Guest editorial by Anna Marco, obituary notices for John Ewald, Fred Lobello, and Chet Vetter. Bob Nichols was not seriously injured in a fall. There are two Tex Smith stories

Newsletter 363 March 13, 2015    Staff editorial, racing and landspeed news

Newsletter 350 Dec 22, 2014 Staff editorial, racing and landspeed news

Newsletter 349 Dec 17, 2014 Staff editorial and other Bonneville news

Newsletter 348 Dec 17, 2014 Staff Editorial and other Bonneville news

Newsletter 347 Dec 17, 2014 Staff  Editorial and other Bonneville news

Newsletter 346 Dec 17, 2014 Staff  Editorial and other Bonneville news

Newsletter 345 Nov 7, 2014 Landspeed Louise Editorial and other Bonneville news

Newsletter 344 Nov 7, 2014    Poteet Speed Demon,  NHRA and more

Newsletter 343  October 24, 2014 President's Corner; Editorials;   and more

Newsletter 342  October 23, 2014 President's Corner; Editorials;  Bob McCoy

Newsletter 341  October 15, 2014 President's Corner; Editorials;  Speeddemon crash, Faith Grainger and more

Newsletter 340  October 5, 2014 President's Corner; Editorials;  Congrats to Roger Rohrdanz,  Pics from Ernie Nagamatsu and lots of news

Newsletter 339  October 4, 2014 President's Corner; Editorials; Bonneville rain, Tex Smith article and lots more

Newsletter 338   September 30, 2014 President's Corner; Editorials;  Jo Lacosta photo, Old American Racing wheel pics,  Ernie Nagamatsu with  another fabulous car.

Newsletter 337   September 18, 2014 President's Corner; Editorials;  Jack Stewart,  Moon Archives, Gone Racin

Newsletter 336   August 29, 2014 President's Corner; Editorials;  Ed Iskenderian Birthday Party,  California legislation alert , Bonneville VW

Newsletter 335   August 27, 2014
President's Corner; Editorials; Bob Choisser and Bob Falcon on Tony Stewart,  Lunch at Freds,  The Snake

Newsletter 334   August 25, 2014  Jack Stewart,  Anna Marcos, Ken Berg, and lots more

Newsletter 333   August 24, 2014  News from Bonneville, California taxing driving,  Bay area drag racing, The Dave West Story and lots more

Newsletter 332   August 8, 2014  Challenger Racing across the US, Mike Alexander passes,USFRA test and tune and lots more .

Newsletter 331   August 8, 2014  Recap of LSR contributors, Book Reviews on some fantastic books, Roadrunners on the Salt , Karmann Ghias racing and lots more

Newsletter 330   July 18, 2014   Dannenfelzer new streamliner,   VW Landspeed challenge, Cruisin for a Cure

Newsletter 329,  July 16, 2014  More on Save the Salt,  Results from Australia, Tex Smith articles and more

Newsletter 328,  July 4, 2014
  Update on Save The Salt,   Book Review by Anna Marcos,  Good article on California Gas Taxes and lots more.

Newsletter 327,  June 19, 2014   Speedy Bill Smith, Bob Choisser, Source Interlink downsize, Dick Wells and Jack Stewart book

 Newsletter 326,  June 13, 2014   Tex Smith, Anna Marcos, Dyno Don and more

Newsletter 325,  May 30, 2014   Anna Marcos,  Dyno Don, and more

Newsletter 324,  May 28, 2014   Dyno Don,  Jim Miller Editorials and more

Newsletter 323,  May 18, 2014
Kenny Safford and Rod Pepmiller.  Tommy Ivo,  Dyno Don

Newsletter 322, May 17, 2014    Bud Meyer,  Dyno Don, Jim Miller,

Newsletter 321,  May 13, 2014 Betty Senter,  Shirley Muldowney,  Mike Edmonds

Newsletter 320,  April 27, 2014  New Legacy Plates in California,  Evil Twins,  Tex Smith and more

Newsletter 319  April 14, 2014      Dyno Don, Road Runners DVD, JoAnn Carlson,
Clayton & Gaerte Racing team, Ernie Nagamatsu.     
Newsletter 318, April 11, 2014      June Nichols, Bob Nichols,  Joe Steng,  Tex Smith,  RIchard Petty

Newsletter 317  March 31, 2014     American Nostalgia,  Joe Steng,   Bill Moore,  Tex Smith

Newsletter 316  March 24, 2014    Tex Smith,  Anna Marcos, Don Johnson pewter funny cars

Newsletter 315,  March 24, 2014      James Drew,  Tom Medley,  Tex Smith

Newsletter 314, March 19, 2014    Tom Medley,  Tex Smith, Ed Alquist,  Hot Rod Memories

Newsletter 313,  March 9, 2014,   Tom Medley,  Bud Meyer,  Santa Ana Dragstrip, Tex Smith, Source Interlink

Newsletter 312, March 4, 2014  Smaldino Dragster,  Haulin Hudson,  British Drag Racing Assoc. and lots more

Newsletter 311,  March 3, 2014   Click Here for lots of new stories, Joshua Placa on ethanol, Santa Ana Airport Dragstrip reunion, lots more

Newsletter 310  Feb 21, 2014   Bud Meyer Memorial coming up,  Save the Salts,  New streamliner being built.

Newsletter 309,  Feb 17,2014 Bud Meyer Memorial coming up March 1.  Pomona Cacklefest pics,  Info from AAA Raceway and Tex Smith.

Newsletter 308,  February 11, 2014   Look for articles on the upcoming  Bud Meyer memorial,  Tom Blanton, Ron Sterbank, Pomona Cacklefest  and lots more.

Newsletter 307, February 5, 2014   Some Names To Look For In This Newsletter:
Don Batyl,  Vic Cunningham, Tom Blanton, Ken Dondero, Doris Stinson, Don Lutes, Ron Main

Newsletter 306,  February 4, 2014 Some Names To Look For In This Newsletter:
Tex Smith,  Anna Marcos,  Leslie Long, Gene Mitchell, Bud Meyer, Erik and Ruth Hansson, Weiss & Larkin Dragster and lots more

Newsletter 305,  February 3, 2014  Lot’s of news this issue plus some great articles.  Check it out 

Newsletter 304,  Jan 20,2014     The Grand National Roadster Show has a wonderful exhibit in Bldg 9 this weekend....  Landspeed Racing is being honored with exhibits featuring many historic vehicles as well as many of our current contenders... Don’t Miss this show starting Friday Jan 24.

Newsletter 303 ,Jan 8 2014  Some Names To Look For In This Newsletter:President's Corner; Editorials;  Dyno Don Batyl,  Skip Govia,  Brian Taylor, Andy Granatelli, Spencer Simon, Harvey Crane, Mitzi Valenzuela Bob Falcon, Doug Stokes

Newsletter 302, Jan 8, 2014   Happy New Year to All... we look forward to bringing you all the news from the Landspeed Racing community throughout 2014. 

Newsletter 301,  Dec 27, 2013 Some Names To Look For In This Newsletter:>President's Corner; Editorials;   Burly Burlile,  Abe Potter, Rick MacLean, Els Lohn,  Bud Meyer, Randy Chenowith, Linda Vaughan,  Wolfsburg West, Aussie Invader, Tex Smith

Newsletter 300,  Dec 1,  2013   Guest Editorial,  Gone Racin,   Mostly Boats and lots more


Newsletter 299  Nov 19, 2013.  Guest Editorial from Dyno Don, Article from Tex Smith, News from British Racing and lots more.

Newsletter 298,  Nov  6, 2013 Guest editorial from Dyno Don,  article from Tex Smith,  SCTA newsletter obituaries and lots more


Newsletter 297,  Nov 5, 2013    Guest Editorial from Dyno Don Batyi,  Info on the Allard Chrysler, News from Burley Burlile, and lots more from the worlds of landspeed and hotrodding.

Newsletter 296   Nov 4, 2013 
     Gil Coraine sent in an article found on Driving Force Online called "Massachusetts Committee Again Considers Bill to Ban the Use/Sale of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems. GUEST EDITORIAL by Dyno Don Batyi and the SEMA Network:        So far, this year has been fairly quiet when it comes to legislative initiatives impacting classic car owners. To help you get in the know, here's a look at some of the passed and pending legislation for 2013. There were some very nice photos of the memorial service for Bob Lidell posted on the Redding Drag Strip website at http://reddingdragstrip.info/wordpress/ .  Jack Dolan, my dear first cousin of San Diego, passed this morning (Thursday, October 17, 2013) per Sami, his devoted wife .  Peter Vincent, the author of THE BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS; TWO DECADES OF PICTURES ON THE SALT .  Gone Racin’…October 2013 Santa Ana Drags Reunion.  Story by Richard Parks, photographs by Roger Rohrdanz.,  THEM BACK FENCE GUYS!  By Le Roi Tex Smith 


Newsletter 295 - October 27, 2013 - GUEST COLUMNIST:   Gil Coraine sent in an article found on Driving Force Online called "Massachusetts Committee Again Considers Bill to Ban the Use/Sale of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems; STAFF NOTES: I have tried a certain indexing, listing all the personal nouns before a topic in the newsletter; STAFF EDITORIAL by Richard Parks; Kent Waters and Ron Main sent in this video; Venturi VBB-3 Gets Unveiled. Flooded Salt Flats Push Back Land Speed Record Attempt to 2014 (w/videos); On my first visit with Johnny, he told me why they changed their name to Welchel from Welcher and why Orville was called "Snuffy."; I was a friend of, and worked for Orville Welcher years ago; My name is Amy Kassel, I am the great-granddaughter of Lee Chapel; STAFF NOTES: the following comes from Burly Burlile; I'm the editor of the Speed Record Club's (www.speedrecordclub.com) quarterly newsletter Fast FACTS, but I am assuming it was sent so that some form of commemoration to Bill Warner could appear in our publication; STAFF NOTES: In the same issue of Hemmings is a great article with photos on Barney Oldfield; The Trompers of Eagle Rock First Annual Valve Cover Grand Prix Invitational race at Irwindale Speedway, September 21, 2013.  Sent in by Doug Stokes; STAFF NOTES: Ginny and John Dixon sent word that John Morton is being honored with the Lindley Bothwell Lifetime Achievement Award; Gone Racin’…To the Premiere of the movie SNAKE & MONGOO$E.  Story by Richard Parks, photographs by Roger Rohrdanz; PARTS IS PARTS! By Le Roi Tex Smith; In Support of Al Slonaker.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; I'm sorry to hear Ed Kretz Jr has passed away; I work as a researcher for Steve Heinrichs; STAFF NOTES: These websites were sent to us by John Hutchinson, from the UK; Saturday evening on September 7th at Santa Pod Raceway, during the FIA European Drag Racing Championship Finals, marked an important change for the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame (BDRHoF) Annual Awards Event; STAFF NOTES: the following message was sent in to us by John Hutchinson; G'day 36hp & VW BB Challengers

Newsletter 294 - September 21, 2013 - Ross Kroenert, Debbie Baker, Cruisin’ For A Cure: Guest Columnist, By Ross Kroenert; Santa Ana Drags Reunion, Main Street Malt Shop Reunion, Linda Vaughn, Anna Marco, Pete Haak, Doug Westfall, Calvin Rice, Dick Davis, Stormy Byrd, Roger Rohrdanz, Leslie Long, Gene Mitchell, Jessica Clark; Doug Hartelt, Susan Whitney; Richard “Dick” Davis; Edward Lawrence Kretz Jr, American Motorcycle Hall Of Fame, Trailblazers, Dick Hammer Award; Santa Ana Drags Reunion, C. J. Hart, Ollie Morris, Smokin’ White Owl, Old Yeller Ii, Goodwood Revival Meeting, Lord Charles March, Max And Ina Balchowsky, Ernie Nagamatsu; Macaulay Foundry, Harry Miller, Bancroft Library, Meyer/Drake, Novi, Wayne Manufacturing, Spencer Simon; John Buck, Grand National Roadster Show; Road Runners Car Club, Bud Meyer, Pat O’hern, Johnny Welcher, Tom Medley, Jerry Cornelison, Wally Parks, Welchel Brothers, Muroc, Jim Miller, Orville “Snuffy” Welcher; Burt Munro, George Callaway, National Library Of New Zealand, Liane Mcgee; John Hutchinson, Jim Butler; Leslie Long, Gene Mitchell, Santa Ana Drag Strip And Main Street Malt Shop Reunion, El Mirage, Richard Parks; George “Pierce” Ausburn, Road Runners Car Club, Santa Ana Airport Drag Strip, Eleanor Ausburn Davis; Jerry Cornelison; Matt Kenney, Usfra, Emmanuel “Manu” Thuillier, Bonneville 4 Sick Kids, Tony And Beverley Hawkriggs, Bonneville Salt Flats, World Of Speed, Burly Burlile, Vw Challenge; Gone Racin’, Snake & Mongoo$E, Richard Parks, Roger Rohrdanz, Wayne Holloway, Alan Paradise, Don Prudhomme, Tom Mcewen, Mattel, Hot Wheels, Army And Navy, Kenny Bernstein, Ashley Hinshaw, Lynn Prudhomme, Kim Shaw, Judy Mcewen, Robin Broidy, Noah Wyle, Art Spear, Fred Dryer, Ed Donovan, Roland Leong, John Heard, Alexis Dejoria, Julie Mond, Ron Capps, Jessie Williams, Richard Blake; Le Roi Tex Smith; Christina Michelle Evigan, Mitzi Valenzuela, Kurt “Lucky” Weber, The World’s Fastest Indian, Bonneville, Al Teague, Paul Vanderley, Jim “Brillo” Harris, Jorge Chisholm, Tommy Hanson, Thom Tisthammer, Bob Westbrook, San Diego Roadster Club, Halibrand; Quarter Mile Foundation, Traci Hrudka, Steve Cole, Carl Olson, Don Garlits, Harry Hibler, Don Ewald, Wayne Wolfe, Tom Curnow, Project 1320; Jessica Clark, Irwindale Speedway, Chris Gerchman; All Photos Are Courtesy Of The Parks Family Collection; Good Show! Congratulations To Our Awesome Crew And Sponsors.

Newsletter 293 - September 8, 2013 - Guest Columnist, By Burly Burlil; Staff Editorial; Dick And Eleanor Davis; Ron Main, Bonneville, Andrew Hancock, New York Times, Speed Week, George Poteet, Speed Demon; Toyota Museum, Susan Sanborn; Randy Chenowth, Jack Underwood, Fred Lobello, Bonneville, Jimmie Johnson Racing, Joaquin Arnett, Johnny Mcdonald; Snake & Mongoose Movie, Robin Broidy, Don Prudhomme, Tom Mcewen, Alan Paradise, Mattel, Stephen Nemeth, Jesse Williams, Richard Blake, Noah Wyle, Greer / Black / Prudhomme Dragster, Bruce Meyer, Art Spear, Fred Dryer, Ed Donovan, Ron Capps, Lou Baney, Lions Dragstrip, Don Trasin; Santa Ana Dragstrip Reunion, Steve Mcqueen, Stirling Moss, Herb Jones, Fabulous Fifties, Wally Parks, Bob Estes, Motor Sport Magazine, Simon Taylor. Leslie Long, Gene Mitchell, Richard Parks, Main Street Malt Shop; Michael And Tara Parks, Violet Parks Wally Parks, Epi Parks, Richard Parks, David And Barbara Parks, Matt And Mari Parks Bell; John Hutchinson; Nhra, New England Hot Rod Reunion, New England Dragway, Jimmy King, Don Marshall, Wally Parks Nhra Motorsports Museum; Le Roi Tex Smith; Douglas Westfall, Calvin Rice, Gordon And Edity Rice, Ethyl, Ruth And Betty Rice, Elwin, Merrill, Allyn, Virgil, Ritchard, John, Gene And Robert Rice.  Post Brothers, Bauer Yard And Shop, Nhra, Great Bend (Kansas), Fred Voight, Mickey Thompson, C. J. Hart, My American History; Racemaker Press, Michael Kacsala, Parnelli Jones, A. J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Bobby Unser, Al Unser, Bud Moore, Johnny Rutherford, Tony Stewart, Frank Lockhart, Sarah Morgan-Wu, Jim O’keefe, Vanderbilt Cup, Joel Finn; Triumph Bonneville Bible, Peter Henshaw, Veloce Publishing; Mitzi Valenzuela, Christina Evigan, Jennifer Robertson, Bikerhotline, Roger Robertson, Johnny Cheese, Bill Warner; Jim Mccombe, Sonoma Raceway Results

Newsletter 292 - September 2, 2013 - Robin Broidy, Don Prudhomme, Tom Mcewen, Snake & Mongoose. Guest Columnist, By Robin Broidy; Ken Berg, Liza Posas, Laas, The Motor In Racing, Spencer Simon, Stuart Van Dyne, Miller, Offenhauser, Meyer-Drake, Randy Ema, Duesenberg, Rebecca Fenning Marschall; Anna Marco, Snake & Mongoose The Movie, Elmer ‘Unsprung’ Snyder, Vic Smaldino, Yates & Smaldino, Larkin Weiss Dragster, Stormy Byrd, Gene Schwartz, Eily Stafford, Hansson Belly Tank; Cavaliers Car Club Anniversary; Clive Windley; Road Runners, Vic Enyart, Bruce Huntley, Hayden Huntley, Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme, Jerry Cornelison, San Diego Roadster Club, Dick Martin; American Graffiti, More American Graffiti, Two Lane Blacktop, John Hutchinson; Bonneville, Jose Garcia, Dick Martin, Salty Dick’s Racing Team, Bill Hartzell, Scta, Mike Mchenry, Rod & Custom, Dan Gurney, Chuck Nippress, Ladina Manes, Lydia Stewart, Barbara Densmore; Road Runners, Jerry Cornelison, Russ Deane, Pat Riley, Rj Gottlieb, Buddy Walker, Scott Baxter, Bill Carling, Bill Anderson, Jim Kitchen, Helen Winters, Bill Ferguson, Harnick Photos, Chad Clabaugh, Gary Mcgavin, Amanda Ferguson, Mike Ferguson, Ed Safarik; Tex Smith, Pegge Smith; Tex Smith, Old Cars Weekly, Hemmings Motor News; T. Winston Parker, Nascar, Emmual Zervakis, Cotton Owen, Jimmy Davidson, Richmond Speedway, Royal Speedway, Daytona, Hank Gabbart, Allen Parker, Jack May, Larry Wilson, Ronnie Sox, Jody Anderson, Jason Gabbart, John Gabbart, Jamie Heidt, Bob Chester, Jake King, Ron Pelligrini, Pocono Drag Lodge, Gene Lunsford; Brian Taylor, Sydney Allard, Mr Gasket, Joe Hrudka, Tom Hrudka, Traci Hrudka, Quarter Mile Foundation, Project 1320, Sema, Jon Lundberg, Carl Olson; Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance

Newsletter 291 - August 31, 2013 - Guest Columnist; By Dyno Don Bayti; Staff Editorial, By Richard Parks; Halibrand Engineering, Bob Falcon, Jackman Wheel Company, Curt Waters, Ed Weimer, Meyer-Drake, Fred Offenhauser; Hot Rod Magazine, Cal-Neva, Scta, Dick Katayanagi, Burly Burlile, Jim Miller, American Hot Rod Foundation, Wally Parks Nhra Motorsports Museum, Greg Sharp; Buddy And Ky Michaelson; Bonneville Speed Week, Jerry Cornelison, Road Runners; Speed Demon, Tom Wharton, George Poteet, Ron Main, Don Vesco, Rick Vesco, Scta, Hot Rod Magazine, Mike Cook, Terry Nish, Jinx Nish, Joann Carlson, Turbinator, Dave Spangler, Royal Purple, Cook’s Shootout; Bonneville Speedweek, Scta, Jim Snyde; New England Hot Rod Reunion, Automobile Club Of America, Wally Parks Nhra Motorsports Museum; Cruisin’ For A Cure, Debbie Baker, Ross Kroenert, Dave Mcclellan; Legion Ascot Speedway, Red And Russ Garnant, Jon Garnant, Offenhauser, John And Gloria Lucero, Sprint Car Hall Of Fame, Johnny Klann, Jim Miller; Laurent Dutruel, Bonneville; Snake & Mongoose Movie; Allen Parker, T. Winston Parker; Tony Colombini, Blacktop Magazine, Tony Thacker, World Of Speed Museum, Melvin Mark, Tim Knapp, Danica Patrick, Mickey Thompson, Herm Petersen, And Gaines/Markley/Bruins; Vic Enyart Sr And Jr, Thomas Flyer, Royce Hailey, Jesse Vincent; Le Roi Tex Smith, Albany Motors, Gow Jobs, Salsbury, Eutectic, Mcculloch, Indian And Harley Motorcycles, Powell, Mustang, Cushman; Le Roi Tex Smith, Bruce Crower, Ak Miller; Jimmy Brandau, Gearhead Gazzette; New Lsr Events In Texas, Top Speed 1-Mile Racing In Houston, Burly Burlile, Hennessey Performance, Ellington Field, Jay And Shannon Matus, Dave Golder, Bill Warner, Chase Field; Burly Burlile, Walter Devette, European Mile Lsr, Nigel Woods, Marnix Kraaij, Hans Mueller-Daum, Dick Beith, Abe And Dewey Potter, Mike Manghelli, Keith Pedersen, Zach Burns, Mike Fredman, Jake Raby, Bill Codding, Dave Best, Greg Leno, Mark Olson, Bob Stahl, Dick And Aaron Brewer; Monster Of The Salt, Mark Gardiner, Nira Johnson, Bonneville Salt Flats, Indian Motorcycle, Spirit Of Munro, Burt Munro; Gale Banks Newsletter, Banks Power, Leo Goosen, C.P. Auto & Marine Racing Engines, Daredevils, Travel Channel, Dan Neil, Jay Leno, Kevin Cullen, Mike Ryan, Motorhead Traveler, Allen Berg; John Hutchinson, Kustomrama

Newsletter 290 - August 30, 2013 - Guest Editorial By Dyno Don Batyi; Editorial: Assigned Staff Editorial, By Richard Parks.  Traci Hrudka, Quarter Mile Foundation, Project 1320, Linda Vaughn, Mary Ann Lawford; Vic Enyart, Rosamond, Mojave Timing Association, Doc Baldwin, Gus Summerfield; Danny Thompson, Mickey Thompson, Bonneville, Speed Demon, Power Automedia, John Cobb, Challenger Ii, Cook’s Shootout, Chip Foose, Andrew Almazan; Johnson Valley, Jerry Cornelison, Road Runners; John Hutchinson, Wally And Barbara Parks, Eldon Snapp, Don Garlits; Snake & Mongoose Movie, John Hutchinson, British Drag Racing Forum, John Hurt; Bill Pratt, John Hutchinson, Dave Mcclelland, John Force, Don Garlits, Jeep Hampshire, Norm Weekly, Bernie Partridge, Shirley Muldowney, Bob And Etta Glidden, Warren Johnson, Tv Tommy Ivo, Mousie Marcellus, Mike Boyd, Wild Willie Borsch, Dyno Don Nicholson, Doug Thorley, Wally Parks, Tom Mcewen, Don Prudhomme, Bill ‘Grumpy’ Jenkins, Richard Tharp, C.J. ‘Pappy’ Hart, Steve Gibbs, Carl Olson, Jungle Jim Lieberman, Alex Xydias, Joe Amato, Bob Muravez (Floyd Lippincote Jr), Gene Winfield, Gary Beck, James Ibusuki; Mynatt's Esso Aero Car, Jim Miller, Bonneville, Bill Keogh; Reid Railton, John Cobb, Richard Armstrong, Gene Leblanc, Bonneville, Glenn Pangry, David Parks, Harvey Haller, Art Chrisman, Jerry Cornelison, Hot Rod Magazine, Craig Breedlove; Big Leroy.  By Le Roi ‘Tex’ Smith; Le Roi Tex Smith, Ron Ceridono; Pictures Of Paula Murphy They Are From John Hutchinson; 240 Gordie Pictures Are From John Hutchinson; Bonneville Speed 2013 Salt Lake Tribune - Speed Demon Steals The Show; The Century Of Speed Will Be The Show Of The Century. The Book Will Be The Holy Grail Of Bonneville

Newsletter 289 - August 8, 2013 - Guest Editorial: By Jerry Cornelison, Member Of The Road Runners; Assigned Staff Editorial; Eric Studer Sent In The Following On Bill Warner; Ken Berg And Doug Drake; Hot Rod Magazine, Steve Lister, John Hutchinson; Scot Harig; Goldenrod LSR, Salt Flats, John Brennan, Firestone Company; Jim “Grumpy” Donoho And The Robert H. Larson Video; Rex Burnett, ’53 Bonneville Film, Kent And Evelyn Fuller, Hampshire Brothers, Ron Sommer, Simon Burnett; Cabriolets Of Hialeah; Mike Ryan Has A Customer For Race Cars; Monique Valadez And The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum; Profiling, Left vs Right. By Le Roi Tex Smith; Moldy Marvin’s 13th Annual Rat Fink Party; Burly Burlile & The 36hp VW Challenge; Brian Taylor & The British Drag Racing Hall Of Fame; Brian Taylor & The Sydney Allard Dragster’s Safety Gear; Clessie Lyle Cummins; Jessica Clark, Madera Speedway, Irwindale Speedway

Newsletter 288 - July 19, 2013 - GUEST COLUMNIST: By Jerry Cornelison, from the Road Runners; ASSIGNED STAFF EDITORIAL by Richard Parks; I thought it was a good idea to catalog and write on the old speed shops though I did ask the shops before to see if they want to do an article; STAFF NOTES: the following comes from www.pricemuseumofspeed.org; STAFF NOTES: Evelyn Roth, from www.oilstick.com, sent in the following link; Editor’s notes: The following was sent in by Robin Millar and is from material that will go into the program for the Palos Verdes Concours; Some of you have been there, some may never make time, but all will marvel at this American cradle of speed and beauty; I saw that you had linked to AutoHistory.org in the past and wanted to reach out to you  with an infographic my team is promoting this week on the history of the automotive  industry; STAFF NOTES: the following comes from the SAH website, courtesy of Aria Cahill; I wanted to pass on the following Facebook link for you to check out and hopefully place on your "watch" list; You might be interested in this Society http://www.facebook.com/pages/Drag-Racing-Memorabilia-Society-of-America/382747922717; Aussie Invader July 2013 Newsletter, from Roscoe McGlashon; THE BACK FENCE MOB.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; STAFF NOTES: the following email comes from Jessica Clark who is attempting to make a career in stock car racing; STAFF NOTES: the following was sent to us by Jeff DeMarey; I just received word that registration for the October Texas Mile in Beeville, Texas, will be available August 1th at 2PM. If you are hoping to race there, be ready to file the paperwork "at that hour" as entries fill quickly; Some photos of Cabriolet Road Club  that worked the timers in the DA tower for the Nationals and Pomona I will try and name a few Top left to right; It was the 60s --We had one black guy in our club --his name was Willie Scrivens --Willie was LOVED --this is where we all learned that the blood that surged in his veins was the same as ours--at our last reunion you couldn't get close to him as he was constantly being hugged and surrounded by loving members; As promised Here is a extremely rare photo (the only one) made in the early 60s --it was left and forgotten in a closet under some clothes for approx 39-40 years; Allard Chrysler new sponsors July 2013;  It's been awhile since we have communicated, hope all is well in your world

Newsletter 287 - July 4, 2013 - GUEST EDITORIAL, by Dyno Don Batyi; ASSIGNED STAFF EDITORIAL, by Richard Parks; For reasons unknown, the Washington Post asked me to comment on Walter Arfons' passing; STAFF NOTES; The following obituary was written by Jim Hill and is reprinted at his request; STAFF NOTES; the following letter comes from Jon Wennerberg, also known as Seldom Seen Slim; The Pre-Trip Team of Bill Lattin, Miriam Macmillan, Jim Dunn, Jim Jensen, Chris Douglas and Alastair Macmillan, has just arrived back from a 4 day trip to groom the salt in preparation for SpeedWeek; EPPING, New Hampshire – The inaugural New England Hot Rod Reunion presented by AAA Insurance at New England Dragway, September 12-14, 2013; STAFF NOTES: the website www.hotrodhotline.com has a Hot Rodders Forum where you can ask questions of the readership; A guy from the Inland Empire Car Club Council emailed me the Tribute story you did for Dave and I wanted to say thank you; The following comes from Glenn F. Campbell at www.autowriters.com; The following events come from www.hotrodhotline.com; Road Runners June 2013 update; I admire everyone on our extremely talented crew; WELL, THINK OUT WHATCHA GOTTA DO.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; The goal of the Carbinite LSR team was to break the 500 mph barrier at Bonneville Speed Week 2012 and become the fastest wheel driven car on the planet; I was trying to find out about Lee Chapel's Tornado Bonneville car (Rex Burnett's cutaway view of the Tornado) when I was with Mariella Allinger; I have some fond memories of Wally and Barbara Parks; One of my prized possessions is a Bonneville Speed Trials souvenir program that has your father's signature on it, which had been given to Rex at some time; To get the Gale Banks Engineering newsletter go to gbanks@bankspower.com and request to be added to their mailing list; The 2013 NHRA Motorsports Museum Holley National Hot Rod Reunion kicked off Thursday at Beech Bend Raceway Park in a celebration of the love of the NHRA and the American car culture; STAFF NOTES: The following letter concerns the research on Norris and Leonard Abbott who were early day drag racers; Just a timely reminder about the new Wolfsburg West Contingency Award program beginning in 2013 for all Volkswagen folks racing with a 36hp engine car in the DSS36 or new WW36 categories on the Bonneville Salt Flats at either the USFRA's World of Speed or the SCTA/BNI's Speedweek or World Finals events; An on-line magazine that gives a good look at hot rodding is BLACKTOP MAGAZINE and you can get their mailing list by emailing the owner (known as TBone); Bloodhound SSC is a jet and rocket powered car designed to go at 1,000 mph; Something evil this way comes II

Newsletter 286 - June 28, 2013 - GUEST EDITORIAL: by Dyno Don Batyi: ASSIGNED STAFF EDITORIAL: by Richard Parks: IRWINDALE EVENT CENTER, JUNE 12, 2013; STAFF NOTES: this message from Maggie Peace was published in last week’s newsletter, but here is a reminder again in case you missed it; American Karting Legend, Linda Emmick, 1943-2013 Funeral Services; “Carl Schmid passed away on Monday, June 3, 2013; Walt Arfons, drag-race champion and race-car designer, dies at 96; Farewell to Wally Arnold, our Friend and Industry Icon; The 14th Annual Cruisin For A Cure makes its mark as the Nation’s Largest One Day car show; After the USA the next biggest country to follow drag racing is Australia; Here's a video of the Nish Royal Purple Streamliner in the Darko Wind Tunnel in Ogden, Utah; Here is the link to the latest issue of ACAG Update – June 2013; Provision to Save California’s Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area Moves Closer to Becoming Law.  Courtesy of www.hotrodhotline.com; I was referred to you by Ernie Nagamatsu; I will assemble more on Harvey Crane and send to you, likewise, Ernie Schorb; The Automobile Driving Museum Announces the 2013 Version of Their Book Fair will be held on June 30, 2013; Warren Johnson & zMAX Dragway host PROJECT 1320 interviews; ME ‘N RICK.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; Dennis 'Hollywood' Zainfeld eyes 650 mph mark with home-built car; STAFF NOTES: The following was received from Doug Stokes; IMPOUND INSIGHTS - June 2013.  Sent in by Dan Warner; Latest news, upcoming events and a 20% off discount coupon

Newsletter 285 - June 18, 2013 - GUEST EDITORIAL; Submitted by Dyno Don Batyi; ASSIGNED STAFF EDITORIAL, by Richard Parks; STAFF NOTES: I received email messages and phone calls from Dema Elgin, Spencer Simon, Jim Travis, Jim Miller and others; Dr Sidney Senter, M.D., brother of Louis (Louie) Senter, passed away on May 26, 2013.  From the Los Angeles Times; Harvey J. Crane, Jr passed away peacefully on May 31, 2013; Gone Racin'...To say goodbye to David May; STAFF NOTES; this obituary on Walt Arfons was published in the Akron Beacon Journal on June 9, 2013; STAFF NOTES: I don’t have a biography on Marion Deist, but I have one on her husband Jim and since Marion and Jim worked, lived and enjoyed life together as a husband and wife racing team, perhaps you can learn something about Marion from Jim’s story; The Celebration of Life for Marian Deist will be held on June 29, 2013 from 2 to 5 pm at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum; STAFF NOTES: the following is courtesy of www.landracing.com, by Jon Wennerberg; Really enjoyed Tex Smith's piece on Doan Spencer; I just ran across a 2009 posting by Mr Bob Lytle from www.HotrodHotline.com that referenced his ownership of a British Riley; STAFF NOTES: Jim Travis mentioned the Chino Air Museum; The NEHRA started in approximately 1971, l joined the club when l left the Royal Air Force in 1971; NHRA 2013 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion Grand Marshal & Honorees; BROCK.  By Le Roi Tex Smith 

Newsletter 284 - June 4, 2013 - GUEST EDITORIAL by “Dyno” Don Batyi; STAFF EDITORIAL, by Richard Parks; I am sad to write that my Dad passed away Wednesday, May 29, 2013; STAFF NOTES: We compile biographies in order to save a person’s life story; I'm sure many of you already know that Pat Berardini passed away on May 29th, but for those who haven't heard yet, I want to relay the news Pat's daughter Susan sent me the other day; I recently did an article on my late friend Jim Feuling; STAFF NOTES: In the last issue of the SLSRH there was a story about Ak Miller by LeRoi “Tex” Smith; Gone Racin’ to…Ak Miller’s Tribute.  Story by Richard Parks, photographs by Roger Rohrdanz.  June 28, 2005; STAFF NOTES: The following comes from the Jessica Clark Racing Newsletter; DOANE.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; Aussie Invader 3 June 2013 - Newsletter; John Hutchinson, from Great Britain, shared this link and article with us from http://www.myrideisme.com/Blog/bloodhound-ssc-update-rolls-royce/; STAFF NOTES: Gil Coraine sent in the following information for events sponsored by the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum.

Newsletter 283 - May 30, 2013 - GUEST EDITORIAL by “Dyno” Don Batyi; GUEST EDITORIAL by Jeff Foulk; STAFF EDITORIAL:  By Richard Parks; I don’t have any information on David May; A.B. Shuman memorial service Friday, May 31, 2pm; STAFF NOTES: The following comes from Ken Freund; STAFF NOTES: The following report was written on the Santa Ana Drags Reunion and was inadvertently left out of the newsletter; STAFF NOTES: In the last newsletter a reader asked this question; Kent Fuller is kickstarting a last ride across the Salt, by Evelyn Fuller; Cruisin' For A Cure presented by Debbie Baker, Ross Kroenert and over 125 volunteers; I was going through some old memorabilia from when I was in the U.S. Marine Corps; Hours before  the running of the 2013 Indy 500, the All American Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) announced that “LandSpeed” Louise Ann Noeth came away with three “podium” finishes for its 2012  motorsports journalism competition; Please find attached my May, 2013 impound report; AK AND THE GUYS.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; NHRA 2013 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion Grand Marshal & Honorees; STAFF NOTES: Gale Banks sends out a monthly newsletter which is available to the public; John Hutchinson sent in this list of Drag racing DVD's on sale from Jay Ohrberg; ONE OF DRAG RACING’S MOST IMPORTANT VEHICLES IS REBORN; Santa Ana Drags; Pictures from AK Miller; Main Event at Santa Pod 2009 ~ Photos by M Harley.

Newsletter 282 - May 22, 2013 - President's Corner: A reader wrote in to ask a question about Rex Burnett and what he was known for; "Issue #281 spends about 2000 words on, 'For insurance purpose, what are our Rex Burnett’s' worth?'; Staff Editorial by Richard Parks: Recently I received the following letter from a member; Our dad, Arnold Baer Shuman, passed away on Friday, May 10, 2013; Dean Jeffries passed away on May 5, 2013 at the age of 80; I'm trying to identify an old streamliner in a photograph; STAFF NOTES: Ron Main sent in the following notice; I am a BNI member, have been participating at Bonneville for years, and am now looking for some historic information; The Great Race teams will be on hand at their location in the race track behind the Grandstand on Friday at MSRA’s “Back to the 50′s Weekend” event; Cruisin For A Cure makes is the nation’s largest one day car show; Somernites Cruise welcomes back "Big Daddy" Don Garlits to the May show; The inaugural New England Hot Rod Reunion presented by AAA Insurance will be at New England Dragway, September 12-14, 2013 in Epping, New Hampshire; From the Save the Salt website, written by the late Mike Waters; STAFF NOTES: It seems that I publish this old article of mine on a constant basis whenever a racetrack is in peril; OLD 66.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; The Norm Rapp Story, Part 2.  By Spencer Simon, SLSRH Northern California reporter; Evelyn Roth sent in this link that shows all the Indy 500 pace cars from 1911 to the present; Goodguys announces a special new Texas Road Tour this fall that will take hot rodders from Goodguys World Headquarters in Pleasanton, California to the 21st Lone Star Nationals at Texas Motor Speedway

Newsletter 281 - May 14, 2013 - President's Corner: By Jim Miller; Guest Columnist, by “Dyno” Don Batyi; STAFF EDITORIAL, by Richard Parks; Dean Jeffries 1933–2013, from Motor City Garage; Dean Jeffries passed away on Sunday, May 5, 2013; Ernie Schorb passed away early this morning; Cruisin For A Cure is in September each year at the Orange County Fairgrounds, where we expect over 4000 vehicles and will offers free PSA Prostate Cancer screening for men over 40; A couple of days ago I did a job for a relative of Jimmy Stewart, the actor; STAFF NOTES: Jim Miller found out the following information on a rare video that was shot in Los Angeles in 1950 or 1951; STAFF NOTES: Ron Main sent in this link to Tom Ivo’s old Twin Buick; America's Real Sports Car. By Le Roi Tex Smith; NHRA 2013 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion Grand Marshal & Honorees; I thought it timely to send you a link to Gareth Kent’s video of the latest Allard Chrysler dragster fire-up; Sent by Bill Barringer 4/9/13 . Spencer Simon Collection

Newsletter 280 - May 7, 2013 - Guest Editorial by ‘Dyno’ Don Batyi; Staff Editorial, by Richard Parks; CY YEDOR.  By Art Evans; ODE TO CY Yedor. By Bill Pollack; STAFF NOTES; Art Evans sends in the following; STAFF NOTES: Evelyn Roth has a pictorial story on the Axes and Axles Car Show in Santa Maria, California; Ron Main sent in this link to a trailer on a new Bonneville movie titled OUT OF NOTHING; Here is the new issue of the GEARHEAD GAZZETTE magazine; STAFF NOTES: If any of the members of the SLSRH would like to write a book, movie, magazine or newspaper review, you can submit it to me to publish in the newsletter and I will also approach Hotrodhotline to see if they will accept it as well; STAFF NOTES: the following came in too late to make our deadline; STAFF NOTES: a reader sent in this link on the new Canadian ZENN car (zero emissions, no noise); THE REAL WAY ROUND, By Jonathan Yates; How can I respond to Robert Jimenez who is searching for information about his Jalopy Racing dad Nash?; The following letter comes from Spencer Simon, our Northern California reporter; Aussie Invader May 2013 Newsletter; I have attached the link to the trailer for our film, OUT OF NOTHING, as well as a brief description; 99.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; STAFF NOTES: The following email was sent to us by ‘Dyno’ Don Batyi, and concerns California Assembly Bill 1002; STAFF NOTES: the newsletter cannot promise to get your car show or other event to the public in time, as we are a historical society and publish only when we have enough material to make it worthwhile to send another issue to the publisher; STAFF NOTES: the following was sent to us by SLSRH Reporter Bob Falcon; STAFF NOTES: The following article is from Glenn F. Campbell, the editor and publisher  at www.autowriters.com; LAST CALL FOR OUR MOTHER'S DAY PERSONALIZED HOT ROD ARTWORK!; Carroll Shelby Annual Tribute and Car Show.

Newsletter 279 - April 25, 2013 - Guest Editorial, by Dyno Don Batyi; Assigned Staff Editorial, by Richard Parks; STAFF NOTES: Roger Rohrdanz and I visited Jack Underwood in the nursing home where he was assigned by his physician; There will be a service for Leo Dempsey, in the chapel of Pacific View Memorial Park in Newport Beach (Corona Del Mar above Marguerite Street), California on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 2 PM; The name of the book that I had with me at the Santa Ana Airport Drag Strip Reunion is called MERCHANTS OF SPEED, by Paul. D. Smith; The Automobile Driving Museum (ADM) located, in the shadow of LAX, at 610 Lairport Street, El Segundo announced that they are once again teaming with Force Interlink, publisher of HOT ROD magazine and CAR CRAFT magazine, in the presentation of a monthly Car Cruise Night at the museum facility; El Mirage Dry Lake Spring Clean-Up.  On Saturday, May 4, 2013, El Mirage OHV Area will be holding its 14th annual El Mirage Spring Clean-up; Tune in to http://www.victorylaneradio.com/, April 17, 2013 at 7:30 EST (4:30 California time).  I have been given the opportunity to be on their radio show and I look forward to answering some questions from the show's fans in my 15 minute segment; Staff Notes: I just wanted to let you know that Jack Lawford Jr will not be with www.Bikerhotline.com after June, 2013; These are the photographs taken at the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame Induction on Saturday, April 20, 2013; I am presenting a seminar to benefit the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend on Friday night, May 3, 2013; Vendor and vehicle registration for Moldy Marvin's 13th Annual Rat Fink.  Party & Kustom Kulture Extravaganza & Charity, Art Auction and Panel Jam for the Painted Turtle, July 27, 2013; Harold and Nancy LeMay amassed the largest privately owned collection of automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, other vehicles and related memorabilia in the world; Cruisin' For A Cure Presented by Debbie Baker, Ross Kroenert and over 125 volunteers; I hope now is that the October meet (Santa Ana Airport Drag Strip and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion) is on the 12th; My Dad raced Jalopy's from 1953-1956 in Southern California; NHRA 2013 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion Grand Marshal & Honorees; POWER SITTING.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; Gone Racin’ to… Jack’s Garage.  Story by Richard Parks, photographs by Roger Rohrdanz.  Revised October 6, 2006; STAFF NOTES: the following came from www.hotrodhotline.com; STAFF NOTES; the following newsletter comes from Gale Banks and if anyone would like to get on his mailing list go to gbanks@bankspower.com and request that they add your email address to their list; Event posters celebrate Aston Martin and Porsche 911, By Kandace Hawkinson.  PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (April 16, 2013); Barringer pictures from Spencer; Dear Mr. Parks, I'm Stu Hanssen and my Dad raced this car--the 3rd and last Baldwin Special

Newsletter 278 - April 17, 2013 - Guest Editorial by ‘Dyno’ Don Batyi; Staff Editorial, by Richard Parks; Staff notes: Bad news from Jack's Garage, a hot rodder's hangout; Staff notes: the information on Mike Waters funeral could not be processed in time to inform the general public, but we are posting it here as an official record; Staff notes: John Ewald sent in this website which has original factory brochures for many American car manufacturers by year and model; April 9, 2013 Road Runner Meeting; Staff notes: Chris Wickersham sent in the history of the Pasadena Roadster Club; Speedway Motors and the Museum of American Speed were thrilled to host more than 60 members of the National Association of Automobile Museums for the 2013 NAAM Annual Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska; I have been chosen to be the vintage race car class manager at this year’s Palos Verdes Concours d’ Elegance which will be held on September 15, 2013; Valerie Thompson, owner/driver of Valerie Thompson Racing, will return to Wilmington Ohio's Airborne Park for the East Coast Timing Association's Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge, April 27-28, 2013; The link on AACA is about a car we recently discovered and are seeking information on; Staff notes: Here is additional information on the Pierce/Arrow; The SCTA Racing News has a list of obituaries for their members posted in their Health and Welfare section, you can google and read something about these land speed racers; HEY, LET’S GET SERIOUS.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; Staff notes: the following events were posted on www.hotrodhotline.com; Main Street Malt Shop Reunion list of those who have attended in the past; The next list was compiled by Leslie Long of the racers that he knows of who raced at the Santa Ana Airport Drag Races from July 2, 1950 until the end of December, 1950; Staff notes: The following was sent in by Scrub Hansen; Dear Car Show Enthusiasts

Newsletter 277 - April 9, 2013 - Staff notes; *****VERY IMPORTANT LAST MINUTE NOTICE******; Guest Editorial; By “Dyno” Don Batyi (represents his own opinion and may or may not be representative of the SLSRH); Staff Editorial by Richard Parks; With great sadness in my heart I report that Mike Waters passed on this afternoon due to complications in conjunction with his recent GI surgery; The funeral information for Mike Waters is on the SCTA website; The following email was received from Don Garlits; Art Malone has passed away; Leslie Long and Gene Mitchell are planning another Santa Ana Drag Strip and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10 AM to 2 PM, or until you decide to go home; I am currently working on a Bonneville history manuscript; John Force RaceStation is starting up its Cruise Night Car Shows again, starting on Saturday, May 4th and on the FIRST SATURDAY of every month till October 5th; Staff notes; Mike Mescher and Ron Main sent this video to us; The Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club, a member of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) announces the 20th Anniversary of the Annual Gas UP Party and the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame; Staff notes; the following video was sent to us by Dema Elgin, Steve O'Brien and the Juggers Racing News and features drag racing as it used to be with a flagman and bales of hay; My cousin, whom I have not seen in forty years, has contacted me thanks to the posting of the photos to your web site; Don Garlits schedule along with the list of upcoming car shows at the museum; The Grump's (Bill Jenkins) guestbook; THE RUB-A-DUB TUB.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; NHRA 2013 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion Grand Marshal & Honorees; Aussie Invader April 2013 Newsletter; We need your help to save the Bonneville Salts; Attached is press information about our new limited edition Allard Chrysler – Lucas Oil T-shirts

Newsletter 276 - March 29, 2013 - Presidents Corner, by Jim Miller; Guest Editorial: By "Dyno" Don Batyi; Staff Editorial, by Richard Parks; The California Racers Reunion will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2013 at the Riverside International Automotive Museum (RIAM), from 11 AM to 5 PM; Ron Main sent in a video on a 1934 race in Los Angeles, California; Leslie Long and Gene Mitchell are planning another Santa Ana Drag Strip and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10 AM to 2 PM, or until you decide to go home; Several members of the Pasadena Roadster Club would like to attend the Santa Ana Drags reunion; Do you have John Lucero's phone number?; Staff notes: Dema Elgin forwarded to us this email from Evelyn Fuller; Ocala, Florida (March 25, 2013) – The drag racing world honored 11 of its heroes and very important contributors to the sport at the recent International Drag Racing Hall of Fame Induction Dinner; The Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club, a member of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) announces the 20th Anniversary of the Annual Gas UP Party and the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame; Staff notes: The following website contains some old photographs from the 1950's of cars and motorcycles sent in to us by Evelyn Roth; Staff notes: The following came to us from Vic Enyart and Larry Crane; Staff; the following comes from “Dyno” Don Batyi; Where They Raced – Episode I: The Early Years Source; There is a Snake & Mongoose movie coming out soon and it’s being produced by Robin Broidy; My name is Jose Asuncion and I recently produced a documentary about Mike Charlton that is premiering at the Cleveland International Film Festival; On the last page of the SLSRH Newsletter there was an item discussing a UK Publisher that was somehow involved with the Veda Orr book; In regards to the Costa Mesa Historical Society program and some racing connections there, here are a few hints to use; 24 March 2013, Buttonwillow Raceway, Buttonwillow, California; The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum calendar of events; This is the on-line magazine link for the March 2013 issue of ACAG Update; You Gotta Beware.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; Hi Richard, I talked to you at the recent Costa Mesa Historical society meet after your talk; Staff notes; the following news comes from Jessica Clark, a young racer with hopes of racing in NASCAR someday; Valerie Thompson set a new 1000 cc class record with a personal best top speed of 212 mph during her first appearance at the Texas Mile race March 22-24, 2013 in Beeville, Texas; I want to thank Richard Parks for the nice review he did on my book, "What Were They Thinking."; 2013 Speedway National Championship Qualifiers;  Ernie Nagamatsu's entry in the Pomona HOT ROD HOMECOMING.

Newsletter 275 - March 25, 2013 -
Guest Editorial by “Dyno” Don Batyi; Staff Editorial by Richard Parks; Staff notes; the following link was sent in by Ron Main and details the Speed Demon records at Bonneville and Mike Cook’s shootout in 2012; Leslie Long and Gene Mitchell are planning another Santa Ana Drag Strip and Main Street Malt Shop Reunion on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10 AM to 2 PM, or until you decide to go home; Some news from the salt; I hope you've been enjoying the episodes; THE FUN REALLY IS IN THE RUN.  By Le Roi Tex Smith; Tucson Dragway Hot Rod Reunion Saturday Night May 18, 2013; Staff notes; Jimmy Summers and his brother had an auto repair shop in the Los Angeles area near the old Gilmore Stadium in the late 1930's through the late 1950's; March Road Runners news, by Jerry Cornelison; Quackenbush and the Flying Caduceus.  By Le Roi ‘Tex’ Smith; Staff notes: The following men have been honored for their racing exploits and should be prime examples to our members to reach out and try and complete biographies for them if they haven’t already been done; Staff notes; the photographs and text come to us courtesy of Marshall Robilio; Aussie Invader March 2013 Newsletter, by Rosco McGlasson; Glen Barrett and Chris Shearer sent in a pictorial of historic cars that raced at the Bonneville Salt Flats; The Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club, a member of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) announces the 20th Anniversary of the Annual Gas UP Party and the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame; NHRA 2013 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion Grand Marshal & Honorees; Staff notes; this news comes from Glenn Campbell at www.autowriters.com; Team Parts Pro captures first place at the 6th Annual Race and Performance Expo; Staff notes; the following report comes from Burly Burlile; The governor of Connecticut has introduced legislation (Senate Bill 843) to eliminate a provision in the Connecticut statutes that allows antiques, rare or special interest motor vehicles to be assessed at a value of no more than $500; Staff notes; the following comes from David Freiburger at Hot Rod magazine; Collector Car Appreciation Day 2013 will be scheduled for July 12; Staff notes; Veloce Publishing has an eclectic and wide-ranging list of books that they publish and sell.

Newsletter 274 - March 5, 2013 -  Guest Editorial by the SAN Network of SEMA; Staff addendum to Guest Editorial; Staff Editorial by Richard Parks; Staff notes: Ron Main sent in the following notice; After researching and creating a memorial site to almost 400 drag racers who lost their lives while racing on drag strips, it seemed only natural and fitting that I also create a memorial site for land and speed racers; George Poteet and Speed Demon to be inducted to the Dry Lakes Hall of Fame at the 20th annual “Gas Up” and Dry Lakes Racing Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony; Do you have a book or article about Dawson Hadley; Looking for anything on Jimmy Summers; he was my grandfather, I know he ran a stock V-8 on 5-15-38 at Muroc, car number 266; Mark Rebilas' photos in my dragster at the 2013 Winternationals in Pomona; Attached is a photo of a 1950 class winner trophy from the Santa Ana Drag strip that I recently acquired from an antique mall in southern California; Staff notes: The following You Tube video was sent in by Ron Main; Do your old records have any information on the following car; From Kathy Weida at All American Racers, Inc, who sends in this message from Kati Blackledge, the granddaughter of the late Phil Remington; I remember my first local drag race at National Trail Raceway when I was only 11 (1968) like it was yesterday; Staff notes: The following came from Jessica Clark and the SLSRH Newsletter could not process this information fast enough to let you all know about her interview, but perhaps you can find something about it on the internet; Staff notes: The following men have been honored for their racing exploits and should be prime examples to our members to reach out and try and complete biographies for them if they haven’t already been done; Great NHRA video from the late 1950's called "Ingenuity In Action"; Staff notes: The following information comes from Ginny Dixon of the Fabulous 50’s; Staff notes: It must be true; Irwindale Speedway is back in business; One of my articles that I wrote was on my friend, Olympic Bike rider Linda Jackson; Tom Fritz Art Gallery now through March 1st, 2013 all my art orders over $250 will ship with a signed and dated sheet of USPS FOREVER Muscle Cars Stamps; Attached is pdf file containing a press release regarding a new sponsor of the project to restore Europe’s first dragster – Sydney Allard’s 1961 Allard Chrysler owned by the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu;  Pictures of the '32 Ford Roadster I owned back in the late '40's and early '50

Newsletter 273 - February 27, 2013 -  Guest Editorial by “Dyno” Don Batyi;  Staff Editorial by Richard Parks; Phil Remington, 1921-2013; I received the news about Phil Remington from Bob Falcon; All American Racers is sad to announce that Phil Remington passed away in his sleep Saturday morning, February 9th, just 2 weeks after his 92nd birthday; Mr. Fix It, Written on the occasion of Phil Remington’s 70th birthday; You wrote asking if you could have permission to copy the list of deceased LSR people from my website (Land Speed Racer Memorial) so that you could do research on them; In regards to the Harvey Haller Memorial Trophy, I spoke briefly with Art Chrisman last Saturday and more at length with Tom Bryant (via e-mail) regarding the Harvey Haller Memorial Trophy and the Miss 400D Car/Crew mystery; I just wanted to let everyone know that episode 1 is up; I picked up a curious little DVD (Santa Ana Dragstrip; A Trip Back in Time 1952-1959) that shows old film clips of drag racing, presumably at Santa Ana; Staff notes: Le Roi “Tex” Smith writes irregularly for www.hotrodhotline.com and is used by permission of that website; Staff notes; The following comes from www.hotrodhotline.com, where Jim Clark is a regular contributor; Staff notes: Ron Main sent in the following notice on the Dry Lakes Hall of Fame and the induction of the George Poteet and the Speed Demon streamliner; Loved the Ed Iskenderian bio; Legends of the Valley, words and photos by Chadly Johnson; RACING SCENE Column - Irwindale Speedway (1999 to 2011), February 8, 2013.  By Tim Kennedy; The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California announced the election of two new members to their board of directors today; Here's the information on two of my current book projects; The Classic Woodys book and my new e-book "Forty Short Stories to read on a Plane; Staff notes: The following men have been honored for their racing exploits and should be prime examples to our members to reach out and try and complete biographies for them if they haven’t already been done; Open House, Sunday, February 17, 2013, 11AM to 2PM, 498 DW Highway (US3), Merrimack, New Hampshire; Ron Main sent in a link to a video of the 2012 CHRR Cacklefest at Famoso Raceway in October; I remember the times when you could drive to the track, tape up the headlights, get a number and go thru tech inspection, and be off to practice; Petersen Automotive Museum presents new exhibit fins called Form without Function; Hope you had a memorable time with Parker today at the Phoenix NHRA drag races.

Newsletter 272 - February 12, 2013 -  President's Corner; Editorials; On January 26, 2013, there was a celebration of life for Don Brusseau who started the Bay Area Roadsters in 1959; “More Bay Area Stuff,” sent in by Spencer Simon from an interview with Paul Hannan; My name is Russell Newman; While researching data for my new book I discovered information that ought to be passed to the appropriate people at the Roadrunners Club; Staff notes: The following letter and response concerns the Road Runner’s club’s Harvey Haller Award; 7 December, 2012.  SLSRH member, "LandSpeed" Louise Ann Noeth is the winner of the 2012 Valentine Award from Society of Automotive Historians; The February Issue of the GEARHEAD GAZZETTE is ready for you to check out and read; It has been quite a while and I hope this finds you well; This is extremely important to sign the petition; I came across your web page concerning hot rods and was wondering if you would be interested in posting the pics I have on my facebook page; Aussie Invader 5R Newsletter, February 2013; America's Real Sports Car.  By Le Roi 'Tex' Smith; Staff notes: The following men have been honored for their racing exploits and should be prime examples to our members to reach out and try and complete biographies for them if they haven’t already been done; Deuce of Spades movie special from director and filmmaker Faith Granger; Attached is a three page listing of the stuff I will be selling; 2012 was a fantastic year for coverage of the 36hp and BB Challengers in land speed racing, at Bonneville, around the U.S., and around the world; PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (Feb 4, 2013) -- The 63rd Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is still months away, but the field of cars for this elite competition, held at Pebble Beach Resorts, is already beginning to take shape; Phil Remington, 1921-2013. February 10, 2013. Article from www.racer.com

Newsletter 271 - February 7, 2013 -  Guest columnist; Guest columnist: There are things like the evening get-togethers during SpeedWeek that are lots of fun; Staff Editorial: Recently we received a request to publish some research from a reader/member, which we were glad to do; Staff notes: Keith Ferrell submitted the following information; There will be a car show memorial in honor of Bill Papke, past owner of Papke Enterprises in Huntington Beach, California; Bill Papke passed away this week; Here is a file of pictures of the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show; From www.NitroJam.com and www.1320Go.com. Jupiter, Florida, January 29, 2013. Submitted by Don Garlits; Staff notes: Don Garlits remembers the beginnings of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA); Staff notes: In answer to a previous question, Ed Justice sent in the following; Some clarification on the points made by Kay Hottendorff and his (Art Tilton) Cord auto; From www.Autowriters.com: The British have announced a serious, funded plan to set a 1000 mph land speed record this summer on a course in South Africa; Evelyn Roth passes this website on to us; Staff notes: The following men have been honored for their racing exploits and should be prime examples to our members to reach out and try and complete biographies for them if they haven’t already been done; 2013 Justice Brothers-Shav Glick Award; Motor Racing Legends Nominated. George Follmer, Tom McEwen, Chris Pook, and Mickey Thompson have been nominated for the 14th Annual Justice Brothers-Shav Glick Award, which recognizes those who have made distinguished contributions to motorsports in California; www.MainEventVideos.com offers downloads of our Nitro Drag Racing and Automotive Entertainment Videos; To see the winner of the 2013 AMBR Award (America's Most Beautiful Roadster go to; http://www.bench-racing.com/automotive--event-news.html; O’Brien Truckers has thousands of custom car club plaques and will make them on order for you; I thought I would get in touch and just ask a question about membership; Staff notes: Jessica Clark is a young lady oval track racer who is dedicated to the sport; Staff notes: Burly Burlile sent in the updated 2013 schedule for the 36hp and VW BB Challenge; If you love Hot Rod art, or tattoo art, you will love this new DEUCE OF SPADES product too; If anybody, including Dave Cox, wishes to get in touch with me they are quite welcome to, glenlsr5000@bigpond.com; Well, it is finally going to happen; I have realized that I have one project too many; The do it yourself sports car from the late Forties; Based on a 1932 to '40 Ford Chassis.  By Bob Frumkin; Ron Main is impressed with a video on the "Jade Warrior Motorcycle"; Hi all, Last weekend we displayed at the GNRS and although Friday was a bit of a washout due to rain Saturday and Sunday were nice

Newsletter 270 - January 25, 2013 -  Editorial; Joe Reath's Memorial/Remembrance Celebration of Life will be held on February 2, 2013; S.C.T.A. Awards Banquet, January 26, 2013, Westminster Rose Center, 14140 All American Way, Westminster, California 92683 (714) 793-1139; This year at the Grand National Roadster show we will be displaying the dragsters and Indy car at the same location as last year at the Northwest corner outside building 4 (inside Gate 1);  Staff notes: Some exciting new information has been found concerning Arthur “Art” C. Tilton, the first secretary of the SCTA and a member of the Throttlers car club of Hollywood; The 12th Annual B'ville NW Banquet will be held on February 16, 2013 at the Shilo Inn Portland Airport 11707 NE Airport Way, Portland, Oregon 97220; The 50th Anniversary of DRAGFEST at Blackbushe Airport in 2014; Road Runners Ramblings (January 2013), by Jerry Cornelison; Richard Bell, a regular at Bonneville with the 36hp Challenge and a British ex pat, sent the link below for me to share; The Following report was sent in by Franklin Ratliff from the DLRA website; The Auto Race That Changed Everything; Bill Burke ran the “Sweet 16” belly tank in 1947; My name is Trevon Richard; Staff notes: Here are five early racers that I found partial biographies for on the internet; Best video of the 2012 CHRR Cacklefest I have seen; A Visit with Diane Carmelo Leuenberger Vandenberg; Staff notes; Dema Elgin and Spencer Simon sent in the following article and photographs; Aussie Invader Newsletter January 2013; Air cooled Elvington Mile.  First European Volkswagen Land Speed Trials, Elvington Air Base, York, England; Just found this pix from the Jan 1949 Hot Rod Expo when the Burke-Francisco car number 3 was on display; There will be a car show memorial in honor of Bill Papke, past owner of Papke Enterprises in Huntington Beach, California

Newsletter 269 - January 18, 2013 -  Guest Editorial; Staff Editorial; I had met Joe Reath many years back when introduced to him by my cousin Don Fobert (Fobert Engine Bearings, Santa Monica); Joe Reath's Memorial/Remembrance Celebration of Life will be held on February 2, 2013, 12pm-4pm, at the Lakewood Country Club, 3101 E. Carson Street, Lakewood, California 90807; We just lost another pioneer of drag racing; Diane Geisler has passed away; Scooter Patrick is ill and we are having a fundraiser for him, Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 1 to 5 pm being held at the Riverside International Automotive Museum 815 Marlborough Avenue #200 Riverside, California 92507; S.C.T.A. Awards Banquet, January 26, 2013, Westminster Rose Center, 14140 All American Way, Westminster, California 92683 (714) 793-1139; As a result of a meeting with the folks at ADM, I can report that the annual automotive literature event will again be held on the last Sunday of June in their El Segundo facility; Stand by for the breaking news from the newly reopened Irwindale Speedway to racing and other events; Does anyone have info on a racer name Wesley Saegesser and know if he has raced since the ‘20's era and if he was from California; Jim W. Price submits this website for the new Vesco streamliner; This year at the Grand National Roadster show we will be displaying the dragsters and Indy car at the same location as last year at the Northwest corner outside building 4 (inside Gate 1); Rod Shows brings the finest cars in the country together for two fantastic shows each year; I actually have the photo of Uncle Joe Nikrent standing next to the Buick in question after the Muroc Dry Lake run; I have an NHRA question; World's fastest hybrid is the downshift Episode 31; A Volkswagen; Martin Squires is a very talented artist who lives in England and he travels around to the car and bike shows sketching all sorts of machines; Feel free to pass my e-mail along to Jim; This is a huge wealth of car info; 3rd Annual NorthEast Rod & Custom Nationals - The winter indoor car show season is upon us and Full House Motorsports LLC is gearing up for the 3rd Annual NorthEast Rod & Custom Nationals; Motorama Events - The Nations Largest All Indoor Motorsports Event Featuring 1 Million Sq Feet of Exhibit Space; Good Guys Rod & Custom Association has had a block buster schedule of events for 2012; The National Street Rod Association has a great schedule for 2013; Rod Shows brings the finest cars in the country together for two fantastic shows each year; I found your email address on an online issue of the "Society of land speed racing Historians newsletter" and hope you might be able to help me; Four Aces goes to Bonneville Speedweek every year to try and break world speed records on vintage Triumph motorcycles; The 12th Annual B'ville NW Banquet will be held on February 16, 2013 at the Shilo Inn Portland Airport 11707 NE Airport Way, Portland, Oregon 97220; 3rd Annual NorthEast Rod & Custom Nationals - The winter indoor car show season is upon us and Full House Motorsports LLC is gearing up for the 3rd Annual NorthEast Rod & Custom Nationals; Motorama Events - The Nations Largest All Indoor Motorsports Event Featuring 1 Million Sq Feet of Exhibit Space; A friend of mine, Racer Tom from Canada, is documenting all the drag strips in the US; The included seven year study shows that Top Points Championships for both cars and motorcycles have been won by changes in engine class, induction and fuel type; This video is HD so play it full screen; Ed Iskenderian, Gardena, California.

Newsletter 268 - January 8, 2013 -  President's Corner; Editorials; To all my old buddies, Joe Reath, long time racer and speed shop owner, passed away on 1-4-13; It's saddens me to hear that Joe Reath is gone; Don’t forget to attend the Grand National Roadster Show; Staff notes; The following report and research was compiled by Jim Miller; The photo taken by Sarah Smith, Don's Granddaughter; Pictures submitted by Jack Underwood.

Newsletter 267 - January 3, 2013 -  President's Corner; Editorials; One of our greats, Tony Waters, goes over to the other side; News from Burly Burlile of the VW 36 Challenge Club; On December 5, 2012 I sent out a bulletin titled “DYNOSEZ: AAA & E-15 Gas; Thank you for the information about the SCTA, I was wondering if you had anymore information about Vince Cimino of the Idlers or know someone who might know more about him and possibly the cars he drove; I thought you might be interested in a video I've made about Art Arfons; The Motor Press Guild (MPG), the largest automotive media association in North America, presented longtime Wally Parks NHRA Motorsport Museum Curator Greg Sharp with the prestigious 2012 Dean Batchelor Award for Excellence in Automotive Journalism in the Best of the Year articles category at the 18th annual Dean Batchelor Awards Banquet held at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles last night; Would this Harry Miller Meet have access to the Miller Family; Don Garlits announced the presenters for the induction ceremonies of the 23rd Annual International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, Presented by the National Hot Rod Association and Summit Racing Equipment to be held at the Paramount Hotel & Suites in Gainesville, Florida on Thursday, March 14, 2013; LIONS Drag Strip 40th Reunion, at the Auto Club Sponsored Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, in Pomona, California on December 1, 2012; Staff notes: The following comes from Tex Smith; Mooneyes X-mas Show & Drags, Irwindale, California, December 8, 2012; The 15th Annual John Force Holiday Car Show was held at the John Force Race Station, Yorba Linda, California on Sunday, December 2, 2012; Just writing to see if you put the races on DVD yet; The Brass Age car "Holiday Motor Excursion" New Year's driving tour will be getting hand-cranked and warmed-up early at the Irwindale Event Center on Sunday morning December 30, 2012; I wish you all a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas; Staff notes; the following was sent to us by Burly Burlile for the 36HP Challenge; The December 2012 issue of ACAG Update is now available; Staff notes; A gentleman who owns a signed Boyd Coddington's Boydster RC car and owns the website www.boydcoddingtonrccars.com, is putting together a Tribute to Boyd and would like to meet the following people at the Grand National Roadster Show, in January, at the Los Angeles County Fairplex, in Pomona, California; 183 cid (3.0L) / Blown Gas Roadster (F/BGR) 2001 Toyota 2JZ-GTE VVTi Inline 6 Cylinder; From Bob Brown, I thought as a tribute to John


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